24 February 2010

time to get my own hosting and domain name! =)

In every blogger's life, there comes a time when the free blog hosting of Blogger or Wordpress (or whatever free blog platform the blogger is using) is not enough anymore. The blog might have experienced a surge of popularity that necessitated a bigger bandwidth or the blogger uses a lot of photos that eats up his/her free webspace storage. Also, there comes a time when the web address xxxxxx.blogspot.com isn't just "right" anymore -- and www.xxxxxx.com sounds a whole lot better, and more professional too if I may add! The latter has happened to me several times. Four of my blogs have their own domain names but due to my lack of attention in renewing the domain names, only our wedding blog have a www.xxxxxx.com address now. And it's not even a .com but a .info as it contains wedding planning information =)

As for needing web hosting, I'm -thisclose- to getting one for my Friendster blog as the free measly 50mb storage is nearly used up. Quick Bytes is around 4 years old and its has a LOT of pictures considering it started as a food blog. It amazes me that the free 50mb storage lasted this long. But good (free) times always end and here I am looking for a company that offers budget hosting. And if I'm gonna get web hosting, might as well get a domain name too -- www.quickbytes.com definitely sounds way better than http://cutieissa24.blog.friendster.com :p If you know of a web hosting company and you can vouch for its excellent performance, please drop a comment! Thanks in advance guys!
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