30 November 2007

guess who??

Cute child huh? Hehe! That's lil old me circa 1983. I'm roughly 2 years old in this photo and as you noticed, my hair is very thin. This alarmed my mother since most kids by this time have heads full of shaggy hair. And you know how it is in our culture -- the woman's hair is her crowning glory.Ü To solve my hair problem, Mama applied coconut milk (or was it the oil?) on my hair everyday til I was 5 years old. Yeah, mother's love, what can I say? Hehe!Ü

28 November 2007


Early last year, I read that science finally 'invented' a blue rose. The scientists modified some color genes to achieve the long desired blue hue. Early November, I finally saw the coveted BLUE roses in a flower stall in Mall of Asia (fronting the Human shop). I couldn't resist taking a pic, bahala na mapag sabihan na jologs! Hehe!Ü

25 November 2007

i'm a ninang!

Today, I became a godmother to Francis Henri Mari Salik, my boyfriend's nth 'grandchild' from his nieces and nephews. Hehe! Ekoy is my first godchild and obviously it's my first time to be a ninang. COOL!Ü I find it fascinating that next Christmas I have a godchild to give a gift to. IF I can remember, that is. Hehe! :-) Hope you'll grow up to be the best man you can be Ekoy!

P.S. The teddy bear above is the giveaway for ninangs. Cute huh??

22 November 2007

good morning!

The past few days have been cold and dreary here in Davao, thus I had difficulty waking up early and cooking breakfast. But today, the sun is back! And so is my cooking mojo, yeah!:-) Presenting our breakfast today- BACON & EGGS, mmm good! Come, let's eat and be merry! Hehe!Ü

20 November 2007

dinner is served!

And its fish and chips! To be precise, its french fries and sutchi fish fillet with blue cheese dip. Sounds yummy huh? IT IS! Hehe! :-) Was feeling a bit bored cooking with meat so I turned my attention to fish, sutchi in this case. Anyway, I better eat now before my bro devours everything! Hehe!Ü

18 November 2007

save the humpback whales!

Captured this cool news on GMA7! See the whale figure above? That's a humpback whale and is made up of thousands of Australians lining up. They wanted to send the message of saving our precious whales in a grand way hence this massive event :-) In related news, Japan sent out its first whaling vessel in a decade today. The whaling vessel will specifically hunt for humpbacks. BAD JAPS!!!

15 November 2007


The title is in italian but I don't know what it means, hehe! For a food lover living in Davao, Salutti means a whole lot. Why? Coz its the home of the tenderest, flavorest (is there such a word?? lol), yummiest SALPICAO in this side of the world! And I'm not exaggerating, swear! Hehe!Ü Labsie and I are celebrating our 98th monthsary, and tonight we're treating ourselves to Salutti's Eggplant Dip with Crostini, Alfredo with roasted garlic, and their (word of mouth) famous Salpicao. Mmm good! :-) Oh yeah, the pic above shows the Parmesan cheese shaker (the red container) and do you know what that means? UNLIMITED Parmesan on our dishes! The best!Ü Salutti is located in the Habana Compound, Rizal St., Davao City.

12 November 2007

hot stuff!

Hehe! Labsie will really kill me if he saw his yummy pic posted here for all the world to see. I can't resist e! He looked like a dashing movie star filming a shower scene, hahaha! Peace labs, mwahh! ;-) Anyway this one is still taken from Bluewaters Resort (see post below) in Samal.Ü

10 November 2007

Bluewaters Resort!

My beach escapade continues! Last week I was in Boracay, then just this Monday I was in our beachside Samal property. Now, I'm in Bluewaters Resort with Labsie's family and relatives to celebrate multiple birthdays :-) The beach was amazing and as usual, "I swam, dove; kissed and loved the sea.." In this photo, I'm standing by the resort's SEAWATER infinity pool. Gorgeous!Ü

07 November 2007

Ocean Adventure 1 - Stingrays!


If wanna to experience HongKong's Ocean Park here in the Philippines, go and visit Ocean Adventure in Subic! For only P400, you can watch a sealion show, a dolphin show, and visit their oceanarium (aquarium) from where this video of 3 stingrays (with a cleaner wrasse and cleaner shrimp) is taken from. Me, Ariz & his gf, and Earvin (my 2 pesky brothers) went to Ocean Adventure last November 3, and I tell you, we truly enjoyed every moment of it! Sulit kaayo ang biyahe gikan Makati, hehe! =) Anyway, enjoy and watch out for the next videos!

05 November 2007


I'm with my parents right now here in Kidapawan, nestled at the foot of Mt. Apo, Philippines' tallest peak. The weather here is very cold so temperate and winter plants grow well in our lil home here.Ü One of the seasonal plants already in bloom is the vibrantly colored poinssettia pictured above. So beautiful! And its red color is so perfect for Christmas :-)

03 November 2007

Ocean Adventure!

Woohoo! About 5 years after watching my first dolphin show in HK's Ocean Park, I'm watching another dolphin show right now. This time I'm just in Subic's amazing Ocean Adventure :-) I'm with my two bros, Ariz & Earvin, and Ariz' gf. Earlier we watched a funny sealion show and we really enjoyed the experience!Ü There's also an aquarium here albeit very much smaller than Ocean Park's oceanarium. Still they got lots of unique fishes and ocean animals that you can photograph up close. Love it! :-)

02 November 2007

pasalubong ng bayan!

It's not Dunkin' Donuts anymore boys and girls, nor Gonuts Donuts. It's Krispy Kreme! A brand imported all the way from the US of A :-) People say the owners of Gonuts Donuts got Krispy Kreme's secret recipe thus the two brands' same yummy taste and dough goodness. I ate KK's original glazed donut earlier and true enough, it tastes just like GD's glazed donut but less sweet.Ü If ever you're in Manila, don't forget to drop by these 2 donut shops. Their donuts are really a "must-eat"! Lol!

01 November 2007

Manila Bay sunset

Finally I'm able to witness the world-famous Manila Bay sunset! The SM Mall of Asia offers a great view of the spectacular sunset that had many admirers even from foreign countries. In fact, when I took this photo, there were several foreigners also taking pictures. Sweet! One thing I can say, I'm proud to be Pinoy!
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