30 January 2010

Friday Frustrations: Computer Issues

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It's my first time to join this meme and the frustration topic is just perfect! =) You see, my brother changed our PC operating system from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 in just a span of 2 months! While I was still learning to navigate Vista, he installed Windows 7. Now, I have to relearn things all over again! I'm more than computer / Internet literate but Windows 7 is really frustrating me. The search feature sucks (too complicated and doesn't find things! grr!), Google Chrome crashes every 30 minutes or so, my other programs that require Windows 7 support need reinstalling which is a hassle, and last, bootup is longer than Vista! I tell you, I was not excited with bug-laden Vista but Windows 7 is rapidly eating up my patience.. Argh!! I just wish we're using Windows XP again. Life was much simpler back then! -_- And that ends my rant for today -- come back again next Friday! Hehe!

29 January 2010

pregnancy and sleepiness :p

For some reason, I’m always in the mood to nap during mid-mornings these days. It’s funny coz when I was young, I would thwart all the adults’ attempts to have me take my daily nap. I prefer to play all day long, rest not needed, lol! However, I noticed lately that I’m growing fond of sleeping during mornings which led me to sleeping late in the evening (or very early in the morning). I’m not sure why my sleeping habits changed — maybe its coz our lovely bed is very comfy and I just want to lie in it forever! Hehe! Or that the second trimester energy boost is gone and I'm now feeling the third trimester lethargy, ughh!

Today, I’m planning to work online whole morning and have my nap in the afternoon ;-) I’ll probably have a good 2-3 hours sleep before I need to cook dinner. I’ll wait for my hubby to arrive then we’ll eat then we’ll watch TV, talk a bit, and basically bond. Then it’s sleeping time again for me! Hehe! Sleeping in our comfy bed (even if its not one of our must-have dream leather beds) makes my day every night ^_^ However, with me being 8 months pregnant and all, having an electric adjustable bed will even be better. Yes, the ones used as hospital beds – it’s now going mainstream and is available to home owners! If only we could afford it.. :p The additional offender groans.

guess who retired?

My father!! Yep, after 29 years of working for a multinational company, he retired and is now a bum like me. LOL! The surprising thing is, Papa is just 49 years old! Most people thought he's too young to retire but he says he's tired of working and of the corporate scene. Well, you can't really blame him -- he went to work immediately after college graduation and has been with the same company since then. So, what's my retired father doing now? Setting up his business! Of what nature will his business be, I still do not know. He has lots of business ideas, wants to seize every business opportunity that he can, and frankly, I think Papa is way over his head. Hehe! Maybe he needs an Interim Management director or something like that to guide him.

Aside from setting up a business, Papa plans to travel a lot with my mother. For the past 10 years or so, they have vacationed in most Southeast Asian countries. Post-retirement, they plan to go to the US (tourist visas already approved, yay!) and have tasked me to create an itinerary for them. I made them a 5d/4n Taiwan itinerary recently and they love what I’ve done thus this new task. But sad to say I’m flummoxed this time! USA is such a big country and there’s so much to see that I don’t know where to start and what to include in the itinerary. Time to research online and read travel reviews!

18 January 2010

guess who's back?? :p

Heya guys! First and foremost, happy 2010 to all of you! I know it's nearly one month since I blogged here -- it's coz I was busy with our wedding, baby and make-money blogs! If you wanna know what I've been up to since late last year, click the blog post links below:



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