29 April 2011

live blogging William & Kate's wedding!

Pardon the pic though, it's the best I can get from my 3yr old SE k800i + it's taken from the TV, thus the lines. Hehe!Ü Prince William and Kate are starting to say their vows here, their hands upon each other's hands :-) BTW I super love Kate's wedding gown! Simple, elegant, timeless and still oh-so sexy! I can so relate with her lace top coz my gown was like that too, only short-sleeved :-) I'll go back watching TLC now, the Abbey is amazing! Don't want to miss more amazing church shots coz I'm blogging from my phone o_O To the royal newlyweds, love each other as much as you did (or more) before the wedding! Hehe!Ü

26 April 2011

meet our new cook ;-)

Quite young eh? In fact, she just turned 13months old a few days ago. Yes, months! Coz the young cook in the pic above is our lil Iya! :-) Our baby girl first expressed interest in housework when she was 11months old. Iya would accompany my mom in doing laundry + washing the dishes, having some water fun while doing 'work' :-) As the days progressed, Iya took to watching us prepare and cook food. She would smell the ginisà, taste the stew, and watch the fish fry.

Finally, last night, I let Iya prepare dinner- not on the stove but on our sofa ok? Hehe! She shredded some wheat bread, put it in the pot, added meat and stirred the entire 'mess' :-) In the pic above, she is transfering meat (right) to the pot- the bulalo meat was actually our dinner last night, hehe!Ü Well done chef Iya! Next time we will bake yummy cookies :-)

21 April 2011

Holy Week in Panabo

While others are spending the Holy Week in Boracay, Puerto Galera and other fun spots, we are spending the week with hubby's family in their quiet hometown of Panabo in Davao del Norte :-) I'm thankful that this Holy Week, Labsie managed to arrange his work sked such that he has 5 straight work-free days. This means more bonding time for Iya and his family :-) Anyway this will be my last online update for the week. As per my Holy Week tradition, there'll be no computer + no phone (where I can blog or check FB, hehe) from Maundy Thursday eve til Easter Sunday morn for me.Ü Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

P.S. The pic of Iya above was taken just now (yes, I'm live mobile blogging again) in hubby's bachelor room, hehe! And the plush toy she's holding? That's Tito Ninong Gogo's pasalubong from Subic. THANK U Tito! Now Iya has a dolphin in her growing collection of animal stuffed toys :-)

17 April 2011

Its Palm Sunday!

And that can only mean a whole week of no-meat meals to look forward to- mehh! But then this kind of sacrifice comes only once a year, during Holy Week, so I'm sucking it up. I will survive! Hehe! And so, on this fine overcast Sunday morn, Iya and I found ourselves accompanying Daddylo and Mommyla in one of Davao's largest wet markets (the Toril market pictured above) to buy loads of fish for Holy Week. I hope we'll get seafoods too (yes, we're still here- I'm live blogging via SEk800i) but then eating shrimps and crabs isn't much of a sacrifice eh? Hehe! ;-) Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone! Eat (less), Pray (lots), Love (lots n lots)!

15 April 2011

peek-a-boo! :)

Iya was 9mos old when she started hiding behind curtains and playing peekaboo with us. When she was 7mos, she loved playing this on our shoulders and backs. And now, with Iya at nearly 13mos old, we've progressed to playing hide-n-seek among our furnitures :-) Her joyous baby laughter when she's 'found' is, IMHO, the best sound in the whole wide world! ^_^

12 April 2011

iYa LoVeS eLmO!

Sometimes our baby (toddler!) girl just needs her plush Elmo doll to fall asleep :)

Yes, this post is sent thru my (ancient) SE k800i- I'M MOBILE BLOGGING AGAIN! My last moblog post was 3yrs ago o_O Will be reviving this blog through my phone as our laptop is hijacked by Iya. Labsie and I are only able to use it when she's already asleep, hehe!
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