28 May 2011

all pink in Panabo! ;-)

We are currently here at my in-laws in Panabo City as Labsie had a rare weekend off. Normally his rest days are Mon/Tues but we don't go to Panabo coz most of his family are working and thus couldn't bond with Iya. Which is, of course, the reason why we go visit them.Ü Our lil girl had a full day today. She rode a tricycle (first time!) which she enjoyed very much and went malling in Gaisano. Yes, they have malls here, hehe! And the best thing? It's less than a 10min trike ride from Labsie's family home! Super convenient! :-)

Anyway, the photo above was taken this afternoon when we went out to buy ice cream. Iya was wearing her usual pink getup- fuschia yoga tank top and pink fairy pants :-) To my utter delight, Labsie bought Iya a baby pink Magnolia popsicle which perfectly matched her pink outfit! Of course I had to snap their picture and mobile blog about it, hehe ;-)

P.S. If you noticed, the pic above is vertically oriented with a frame to boot! Would you believe that it's only now I knew that my 3.5yr old phone can do this when I'm mobile blogging?? Go check my moblog posts since 2007, all the post pics are horizontal. Not a single vertical one! I'm such a n00b really :-P

25 May 2011

Iya's HappyBaby organic snacks are here! :)

Got free 2kg US to Philippines shipping from HopShopGo.com again, and as usual I used it to buy Iya's stuff :-) If I had this free shipping before she came into our lives, I would have bought tons of Victoria Secret products to sexify myself, heehee! But having a kid really does change your priorities. And my top most priority right now is Iya's health- as much as possible I only want her to eat organic stuff. Not an easy feat if your toddler is a picky eater, organic food choices are limited (haayy Davao!), and people surrounding Iya are giving her not-organic stuff.

When I had the free shipping last time, I bought lots of toddler clothes and shoes for Iya from Old Navy and GAP. The online prices were at least 50% cheaper than store prices. HUGE savings I tell you! :-) I also bought baby safety items, baby health products and feeding stuff from Amazon.com- saved a lot again!Ü

This time around, I bought 3 boxes of HappyBaby organic finger food products to last Iya a year :-) I got 1box of organic yogurt melts in berry flavor, 1box of organic munchies in kale/cheddar flavor, and 1box of organic apple melts. These are all snacks so Iya can't eat / be given junkfoods in between meals.Ü I also bought her a stainless steel cooking set coz she always plays with our heavy metal pots- very dangerous if it will fall on her feet :-( Iya's cooking set includes 5-in diameter frying pan and 2 pots, 1 lid, 1 soup ladle and 1 frying ladle + wooden fried egg, chicken leg, brocollis and carrot. Ready, set, cook! :-)

Anyway, I rarely see HappyBaby products here in Davao, even in Healthy Options-- they have the organic Earth's Best product line though, which I also buy. EB snacks are cheaper than HappyBaby's but has much more salt or sugar (bad! just like junkfood) so I limit Iya's intake of it too. Organic food doesn't automatically mean healthy food through and through, YOU HAVE TO READ THE NUTRITION LABEL so you'll fully know what is *really* inside the food.Ü

P.S. Super, super thanks to Ma Pattie for paying the customs tax! :-)

21 May 2011

When your CebuPac flight is delayed..

..do an International food contest! :p I'll tell you the contest mechanics later as I'll share first how I came to 'invent' this contest.Ü When we came to Manila last Monday, our Cebu Pacific flight was delayed 30minutes. It was annoying but bearable. Today, for our 12nn flight back to Davao, we arrived early in NAIA3 to check-in. To our horror, there was NO specific lines for different destinations. The result? Super long and slow moving lines! Add a super kulit toddler (yes, our very own Iya) to the mix and you have the recipe for a toddler tantrum / meltdown :-( The only thing that kept Labsie and me sane was the thought that we'll be in Davao soon (2pm!)..

But, as you must have known from the blog post title, us arriving in Davao by 2pm was not to be :-( When we *finally* received our boarding passes, we were told our 12nn Davao flight was pushed back to 4pm! That's four FREAKIN hours of entertaining Iya! Hayy.. But the Lord is good- its 230pm (May21) now and Iya is finally asleep after traipsing through gates 130-134 and back, over and over and over again. Labsie is now able to relax and I'm now able to mobile blog :-)

As for the International food contest, it goes like this- buy food from different cuisines and let your toddler eat from the selection. The food s/he eats or chooses wins! ;-) The picture above was our batch1- Vietnamese spring roll, French basil quiche, Japanese assorted maki and American Slurpee (not pictured). WINNER: Slurpee! LOL! Since Iya didn't eat any solid food, we were forced to have batch2- Italian tuna pesto penne (pasta), Aussie meat pie, Filipino Jollibee Chickenjoy (CebuPac's 'compensation' for the delay). WINNER: pasta and Chickenjoy!! Iya really enjoyed the olives from the pasta and of course, the famous crispylicious chicken of Jollibee. Happy Iya = happy Mommy and Daddy! :-)

16 May 2011

off to Makati! =)

130pm, 05/16/11

Currently waiting for our 230pm flight to NAIA3 here in Gate Lounge 8. As usual, Iya is busy walking everywhere with her Daddy on her heels, hehe! :-) Our Makati trip is unplanned but since an opportunity presented so that Iya and Euna can play with each other this summer, we grabbed it. These 2 kids adore each other and it really warms our hearts when they're together :-)

Needless to say, our CebuPac tickets were (relatively) expensive as we got used to paying PISO fares the past several years :-P Two hours more and we'll be with my bro's family na- can't hardly wait to take pics of Iya and Euna playing together! Summer = Family Fun!Ü
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