24 May 2012

Iya's current love

Yep, our toddler has fallen in love with Nemo ^_^ It all started with a pillow (the one in the pic above) she found in my bro's room early this year. When she knew all the characters in the pillow, we let her watch the movie. As expected, Iya loved Finding Nemo :) What we didn't expect was her uber attachment to it, such that she always asked us to buy 'Nemo toys'.

Unfortunately, Finding Nemo is an old film and thus, its hard to find toys or any merchandise related to it. Even in Uyanguren or Divisoria! :( At the height of her Nemo obsession, Iya found a Nemo + Marlin (daddy) balloon for sale in church grounds one fine Sunday morn. That was her first Nemo 'toy'. Few days later, my mom found a beach pail with Nemo characters in JS. Iya was ecstatic to say the least! :)

But her 2 Nemo 'toys' weren't enough. She kept bugging us, so much that hubby promised to buy her Nemo stuff for Christmas :p Last week, my father in law called that he bought a Nemo stuffed toy in Iloilo's Robinsons mall and Iya got it this Sunday. She never let go of it ever since, hehe! So yeah, one stuffed toy traveled from Iloilo to Davao to make one toddler very happy ^__^

And just the other day, Iya spotted a Nemo coloring book in SM (in front Jollibee). That's what she's holding in the pic above :) So now, our lil girl has 5 'toys' in her Nemo collection. We still have to look for more to give this Christmas, and we have to find Dory (the forgetful blue tang) coz Iya has been asking for her. If you know where to buy Nemo stuff, kindly let me know! And to Iya's godparents, aunties & uncles, you know what to buy her for Christmas ;-)

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02 May 2012

EMA is 2 months!

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Actually I'm 2 days early in posting this but I'm quite excited that our lil baby Ema is turning 2 months so here we are :-) The past 2 months with her has been a breeze compared to our time with Iya at the same age. Ema isn't a crybaby, sleeps through the night (we co-sleep & breastfeed) and very sociable. Her first social smile (around 4 weeks old) was for her big sister Iya, and she started cooing at us when she was 6 weeks old. Ema is such a joy to be with, I tell you! But I guess all babies are :-) Happy second month baby Ema Isabel! Daddy, Mommy and ate Iya love you sooo much!Ü

If you want to see more pics of my family and my kids, go to my Google+ page at http://gplus.to/melissasolito :-) See you there!

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