26 February 2010

in the last stretch of my pregnancy

Top view of my belly in the third trimester ;-)

It's been more than six months since Labsie and I officially found out we were having a baby. From looking for maternity clothes, pregnancy pants and baby layette, to attending childbirth classes and touring hospitals -- we are now finally on the last stretch. Soon, we will see our firstborn.. ^_^ But even though time did not fly by that fast and I had plenty of time to think about being a mother, I'm still finding myself not quite ready for the motherhood thingy. Truth be told, having a kid is not among my life's goals. All I ever wanted were:

1. become a licensed medical doctor (done last 2008) and help people
2. travel around our country (mostly done), the world (err, 1% done! LOL) and go into outer space (this is NOT a joke!)
3. live normally and happily with my family and loved ones.

As you can see, even having a wedding and marriage were not on my list! But right now I can honestly tell you that I'm loving married life with Labsie so I'm really hoping I'll learn to love motherhood too. I just hope our baby Iya will be a good girl and won't give us headaches, hehe! ^_^ On a side note, exactly today, I'm on the 36th week of my pregnancy. Yep, we're on the 9th month already! In just a few days, I'll be giving birth (normal and easy delivery please!) and married life as Labsie and I know it will soon be over. SO HELP US GOD!

24 February 2010

time to get my own hosting and domain name! =)

In every blogger's life, there comes a time when the free blog hosting of Blogger or Wordpress (or whatever free blog platform the blogger is using) is not enough anymore. The blog might have experienced a surge of popularity that necessitated a bigger bandwidth or the blogger uses a lot of photos that eats up his/her free webspace storage. Also, there comes a time when the web address xxxxxx.blogspot.com isn't just "right" anymore -- and www.xxxxxx.com sounds a whole lot better, and more professional too if I may add! The latter has happened to me several times. Four of my blogs have their own domain names but due to my lack of attention in renewing the domain names, only our wedding blog have a www.xxxxxx.com address now. And it's not even a .com but a .info as it contains wedding planning information =)

As for needing web hosting, I'm -thisclose- to getting one for my Friendster blog as the free measly 50mb storage is nearly used up. Quick Bytes is around 4 years old and its has a LOT of pictures considering it started as a food blog. It amazes me that the free 50mb storage lasted this long. But good (free) times always end and here I am looking for a company that offers budget hosting. And if I'm gonna get web hosting, might as well get a domain name too -- www.quickbytes.com definitely sounds way better than http://cutieissa24.blog.friendster.com :p If you know of a web hosting company and you can vouch for its excellent performance, please drop a comment! Thanks in advance guys!

04 February 2010

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2009

My husband and I are avid torrent sites users. He usually use it to download songs and games (PC and PSP) while I use it to download TV shows, documentaries and movies we missed watching. Sure, downloading these stuff online are barely legal but heck, we have spent obscene amounts of money on buying original games and albums, and watching movies in cinemas -- aren't we entitled to free torrents download every now and then?? :p Anyway, without much further ado, here's the Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2009 as chosen by TorrentFreak.com --

- Daily Visitors: 4,467,074
- Pageviews: 26,177,054 (5.86 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #104
- Compete Rank: #787

- Daily Visitors: 2,656,483
- Pageviews: 12,963,637 (4.88 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #180
- Compete Rank: Currently Not Available

- Daily Visitors: 2,461,643
- Pageviews: 16,566,857 (6.73 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #186
- Compete Rank: #1,226

#4 MININOVA.ORG (our fave!! and it's now closed, boohoo!)
- Daily Visitors: 1,406,653
- Pageviews: 6,597,203 (4.69 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #96
- Compete Rank: #1,123

- Daily Visitors: 1,321,113
- Pageviews: 6,143,175 (4.65 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #403
- Compete Rank: #2,286

- Daily Visitors: 898,167
- Pageviews: 1,796,334 (2 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #391
- Compete Rank: #1,500

- Daily Visitors: 888,663
- Pageviews: 1,581,820 (1.78 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #1,086
- Compete Rank: #3,477

- Daily Visitors: 622,539
- Pageviews: 1,512,770 (2.43 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #1,736
- Compete Rank: #11,068

- Daily Visitors: 594,026
- Pageviews: 2,952,309 (4.97 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #1,199
- Compete Rank: #5,760

- Daily Visitors: 551,256
- Pageviews: 1,025,336 (1.86 per visitor)
- Alexa Rank: #1,754
- Compete Rank: #7,009

For the not-so internet-savvy: torrents are are specialized files utilized in peer-to-peer (P2P) network environments. P2P is a network of personal computers that communicate with one another by running proprietary P2P software. Unlike usual downloads off the internet, torrents do not point to a single source when requesting files. Instead, torrents contain specific information that multiple computers in the network can read to send various parts of the requested file simultaneously and en masse. Torrents keep active track of which parts of the file are needed to complete the request. By downloading bits of the file from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sources, large files can download very quickly. And that's why we love torrents so much!! ^_^

01 February 2010

searching within file-sharing sites

I’m a certified bookworm — I read anything and everything I can lay my hands on. When the Internet came into vogue, I plunged head on to reading ebooks and other stuff in PDF form. PDF, of course, is the popular file type from Adobe. My only problem in sourcing PDF ebooks was that it was so hard to search for it in the Internet -- specifically in RapidShare, 4shared.com and other file-hosting / file-sharing sites.

This is how these type of sites work: you want to share a file but it’s too big to send over email so you upload it to them. If it’s successful, you will be given a unique download URL, and when you share this URL to users, they’ll be able to download your file. No user is allowed to search the server for content; all files have to be downloaded by clicking the unique URL. This is where search engines specific for file-sharing sites come in — it allows users to search for files within RapidShare or 4shared.com! No more waiting for somebody to send you a URL, just do a File Search within the specialized search engine and boom! You can now download the uploaded file. Easy huh??

Now I can only hope there will be a specialized search engine where all the files they index are in PDF format. Books, textbooks, documents, manuals, guides, I want it all! ;-) It would also help if this search engine will regularly update the PDF database so I can have more and more PDF ebooks to download -- and read! ♥ ♥ ♥

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