01 December 2014

hello, world! (a long overdue update)

Long time no see old dear blog. My last post was January 2013; how did that happen?! And it wasn't a happy post at that! Well, I won't let 2014 pass without an update. And THIS will be a happy update! :) To get you up to speed with my life, you can follow me over at Google+ and Instagram. I may have stopped blogging, but I never stopped writing or preserving memories via photos.

When I started this blog in 2007, it was a purely mobile blog. That is, I posted a daily photo with a brief caption through my super trusty Sony Ericsson k800 phone. It took great photos at 5mp and is able to connect to the internet that's why I'm able to blog. What I did back in 2007 is what I'm doing now in Instagram~ posting a daily photo to preserve our memories.

With that, this blog has become redundant. Also, I'm not "Melissa Solito" anymore. Time for a new blog persona I guess. So, I'm closing this blog full of memories with a heavy heart. I won't take it offline though as I have good stuff posted here (mostly travel) that will be helpful to Google searchers :) I will probably do one or two updates before closing this completely.

So where's the "happy" part of this update? Here it is: I'm actually blogging again!! No, I don't mean this post, haha! I have made a new blog, a more appropriate one for the stage of my life that I'm in right now. Yes, motherhood. And being a wife. And finding myself amidst all of the responsibilities that those two "labels" entail. Where's the new blog? I'll update you when it's ready! ;-)

26 January 2013

the scariest moment of my life! :(

And it happened two hours ago (7:40pm GMT+8). Our family of 4 had just finished dinner in the basement area of SM Megamall and was waiting for our bill. I was facing the entrance of Mannang / Mann Hann restaurant when I noticed that a lot of people were running toward the stores. I thought there was a celebrity but the running was frantic, and the security guards were also running (to the direction of the incident). I told hubby to look; the restaurant staff and the other customers noticed the commotion too. We got up to get our credit card from the counter so we can go out of the mall before something bad happens.

But then suddenly a waiter pulled down the metal door of the restaurant and we were in lockdown (pic at right). The diners were in panic mode, and we moved to the back of the resto, near the kitchen and waited for some news of what's happening. That moment I hated Globe / Blackberry coz I had no internet connection (on top of my postpaid plan, I had to subscribe to a BB internet plan which will raise my phone bill 100% and I couldn't afford it). I felt so helpless coz I cannot get any info! What if the people were running because there's a fire and we were trapped inside the restaurant?! You can't make the right survival choices without information :(

I did the next best thing and called my family to watch the news. As expected there was no news on traditional media. My brothers checked Twitter and found out there's an ongoing shooting incident. I heaved a sigh of relief, thankful it wasn't fire.


I was relaxing at this point (10min into the incident) when there was a second wave of people running. We backed up to the kitchen area once again (pic at left). I overheard some diners saying that the incident was in the third or fourth floor of the mall, and that it was in Building B (we were in Building A). That was good news coz we were far from the shooting incident. However I cannot vouch for its veracity. For all I know the shooting was on our building AND our floor.

After 10 more minutes or so, Mann Hann finally opened its metal door and I told hubby we should go out to the nearest exit (on the first floor, facing St Francis Street) while there were lots of people going out too. They can provide cover from bullets in case we'll meet the shooters. Yeah, me thinking of using the other humans for shields. Ruthless mommy. Adrenaline does that to a protective parent. As we were going out, we noticed all the other stores were also closed, with lots of people hiding inside.

And just like that, we were out of SM Megamall. There were lots of people milling around outside and traffic was heavy. There was a SWAT (!!!) vehicle, an ambulance, and police cars. It was surreal. Hubby and I walked fast to our home. As we were getting past Building B (where the supposed shooting incident happened), people suddenly came running out to the streets. My heart was hammering so hard and told hubby to run away from SM as fast as we could. After 5 minutes of walking fast, we were finally home. Safe. There was still no news on TV about the incident but I found on +Rappler.com that it was a jewelry robbery incident on the first floor of Building B. The mall is currently back to normal operations per their Twitter account.

http://www.rappler.com/nation/20496-shooting-in-megamall-mmda https://twitter.com/smsupermalls/status/295153762002157568

So what just happened? I can't believe that five armed men go were able to go inside the mall without raising alarms! As a parent, I'm really, really angry about this. One of the reasons why we go to malls (instead of parks / open areas) for recreation is because of security. Well, the bubble just burst :( I told hubby that maybe the robbers were in cosplay outfits (there was a cosplay convention on the fifth floor of Building B which we saw a bit before we had dinner) and the mall entrance guards must have thought that the robbers' guns were part of their costumes. Still not a good excuse.

There's a lot of questions in my mind. And I have lots of analysis to do (e.g. what to do in emergency situations -- stay put or fight or flight?). But right now I'm just thankful that the Lord protected my family and all the other people in SM Megamall (there was no casualty). And I am very thankful we are safe at home. It's bedtime in our studio unit at this moment, and the "situation" to resolve right now is putting the kids to bed. Routine. Normal. Safe. And that's all I ever want.


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01 September 2012

Happy Lemon in Davao!!

-mobile blog post-

After 48 years, I'm finally here in the newly opened (just 2weeks+ old) Happy Lemon in The Peak - Gaisano Mall of Davao. I've been craving for their Rock Salt & Cheese green tea since I heard of it last December 2010 as I'm sucker for sweet-salty foods ;-) Yeah, 2 years have passed before I finally had a chance to taste their signature drink. No, I'm not a loser, just a patient fan from faraway Davao :p

So how was their Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese? IT WAS freakin' WORTH THE WAIT!! The (not so) sweet-salty combo was a riot in my mouth, and I was in gustatory heaven! The foam (see the drink on right in the pic above) was to die for, hehe! ^__^ Anyway, the drink on the left was hubby's order- Deluxe Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. It's also good, comparable to the yummiest milk tea we had in Taipei, just a tad heavy on the green tea taste.Ü


07 August 2012

hubby's crab omelette is LOVE!

He may not cook a lot, but when he does, Labsie's dishes are often uber scrumptious! ^_^ For our breakfast this morning, hubby cooked the crab omelette pictured above. It was bursting with crabmeat (painstakingly picked from 2 steamed crabs), buttery, a lil bit cheesy (mozarella) and oh-so fluffy! Just how a perfect omelette should be.. :-) Thank you Labsie / hubby / Daddy for the awesome breakfast! Tomorrow again? Heehee!Ü

07 June 2012

bye Pearl Farm Beach Resort!

-mobile blog post-

The photo above was taken yesterday morning at the beach front near the resort's famous Parola Bar. While my hubby and our toddler were making sand castles in front of my lounging chair, I was breastfeeding baby Ema til she fell asleep. And then I took a lot of pics of us relaxing by the ocean.Ü

The last time I spent the night in Pearl Farm Beach Resort was in 2004. I was with my family then (and now) but I didn't have kids yet so I was able to fully experience the resort's world-class service and amenities (unlike now). I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't bring kids to expensive resorts or else you won't get your money's worth! LOL!

Anyway, today's our last day here in Pearl Farm. Kinda sad coz it's been a relaxing mini-vacay for me. Even with 2 kids in tow, I managed to turn off my 'Mommy mode' and turn on 'Tourist mode' :) I've taken loads of photos, explored the resort at day and night times, appreciated the awesome views from our Samal Suite room, and had candlelight dinner by the beach. What more can I ask for? ^__^

03 June 2012

ate Euna's here! ^__^

After 5 months, the cousins are together again. And no one's happier than Iya who super adores her older cousin :) We're all looking forward to a laughter-filled week from watching these 2 toddlers play.Ü

24 May 2012

Iya's current love

Yep, our toddler has fallen in love with Nemo ^_^ It all started with a pillow (the one in the pic above) she found in my bro's room early this year. When she knew all the characters in the pillow, we let her watch the movie. As expected, Iya loved Finding Nemo :) What we didn't expect was her uber attachment to it, such that she always asked us to buy 'Nemo toys'.

Unfortunately, Finding Nemo is an old film and thus, its hard to find toys or any merchandise related to it. Even in Uyanguren or Divisoria! :( At the height of her Nemo obsession, Iya found a Nemo + Marlin (daddy) balloon for sale in church grounds one fine Sunday morn. That was her first Nemo 'toy'. Few days later, my mom found a beach pail with Nemo characters in JS. Iya was ecstatic to say the least! :)

But her 2 Nemo 'toys' weren't enough. She kept bugging us, so much that hubby promised to buy her Nemo stuff for Christmas :p Last week, my father in law called that he bought a Nemo stuffed toy in Iloilo's Robinsons mall and Iya got it this Sunday. She never let go of it ever since, hehe! So yeah, one stuffed toy traveled from Iloilo to Davao to make one toddler very happy ^__^

And just the other day, Iya spotted a Nemo coloring book in SM (in front Jollibee). That's what she's holding in the pic above :) So now, our lil girl has 5 'toys' in her Nemo collection. We still have to look for more to give this Christmas, and we have to find Dory (the forgetful blue tang) coz Iya has been asking for her. If you know where to buy Nemo stuff, kindly let me know! And to Iya's godparents, aunties & uncles, you know what to buy her for Christmas ;-)

-mobile blog post-
-pic above taken today at 6pm-

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