10 January 2015

I don't have New Year resolutions..

..because I'm a rebel at heart! LOL, kidding! :p Actually, it's because I suck at keeping / doing my resolutions. So what's the point of making it when I can't follow through right? Thankfully, I found an easier "system" to make myself better at each new year. A system that has been very effective for me for the past two years. The system is called One Word. Or if you follow Ali Edwards, One Little Word. And yes, you literally only need one word to make it work. Sounds very simple right? Because it is! :) So what's my one word for 2015? It is cherish.

You can go over our Davao homeschooling blog for the full detail on why I chose this lovely word for 2015. I also discussed there my 2013 and 2014 one-words, which were simplify and commitment, respectively. The post is around 1,050 words (OA much, lol) but it's worth the read if you need a bit of inspiration on making 2015 the best year ever for you :) And before I end this post, which is my 299th by the way, I wanna greet all of you a happy and prosperous new year! Cheers everyone! Let's make 2015 awesome!

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