12 September 2010

organic baby food

Mashed fresh fruits VERSUS processed baby food -- this has been a dilemma of ours. Hubby and I have decided before giving birth to give our baby only fresh fruits and vegetables but unfortunately there are no organic fruits for sale here in Davao =( There are organic veggies (especially for salads, thank you Eden!) but you don't give that to first-time solid food eaters :p Anyway, my only other choice is to give organic baby food. At least I know my baby isn't eating pesticides and other chemicals. I just pray to God that there's no contamination while the baby food was being processed -_-

If you know any organic fruit sellers here in Davao or nearby areas, please leave a comment. Thanks! In the meantime, baby Iya will be eating Earth's Best organic baby food and Rafferty's Garden stuff ^_^ What's great with Rafferty's as compared to other organic baby food? Their packaging! The food isn't in glass jars but in safe plastic pouches! So great for traveling!! =) Some of their products have spouts (just squeeze out food, no double dipping which promotes bacterial growth), some have resealable tops while other pouches are microwaveable. Read more about it here: http://www.raffertysgarden.com
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