30 September 2008

1 week to wedding day..

..and still so many LIL things to do!! =I I'm halfway done with our AVP (audio-visual presentation), still gotta add gift tags to our giveaway wines (finished sticking our customized wine labels), email Amore Musicians with our song choices, give Kent Photography our chosen prenuptial pics, talk to church florist, confirm our Palawan tours, finalize guest list and make table guest plan, etc, etc. I know brides should not dwell on the small details but I revel in it -- I just hope I won't run out of time!

Already, my relatives are telling me to relax and sleep so that I'll be radiant on October 8. However, my mind just refuses to cooperate! Back when I was reviewing for our board exam, I was asleep by 10-11pm -- but now, I'm up til 2-3am. Wahhh! Definitely not good for my skin! And no amount of makeup can hide dull, tired and old-looking skin =(

Anyway, here are some pictures of our food-tasting in Grand Regal Hotel a few days ago. The cream puffs (photo above) were sooo cute! Hehe! ^_^ The butter and choco moist cupcakes (flavor tasting for our wedding cake) are from Mam Joy of Cake Temptations. I looove their butter cupcakes!!! But Labsie wants the choco rocky road.. Hmm..

25 September 2008

trial wedding makeup photos =)

These pics are all unedited by the way.. So pasensya na sa mga wrinkles, age spots and other stuff on my face. Hehe! I arranged the photos in the order they were taken. Also, I took shots in different areas (dim, bright) with and without flash to see how my makeup would look like in different circumstances. Just click the photos to enlarge and feel free to comment! Violent reactions also accepted, hehe =) Makeup by Larry of Hairzone (Victoria Plaza). My mother chose him coz he did a good job (light, natural makeup that enhanced the good angles of your face) on her friend's daughter's wedding. Umm, did I lose you there?? Hehe!

1. Makeup done, hair not yet
2. Makeup done, taray mode ;-)
3. Makeup and hair done (updo)
Hairdo is not the final one yet coz I'll be wearing a tiara plus I'll have hairdo change (hair down?) after reception dinner.
4. Inside shot (mall), dim light, no flash

5. Outside shot, sun setting, no flash
6. Indoor shot (car), dim light, with flash
7. After eating (lipstick didn't smear, yey!), bright light, no flash
8. Five hours after, dim light, with flash
Makeup lighter, lisptick almost gone, still looks good though ^_^

18 September 2008

sneak peek: our prenuptial pictorial ^_^

Patikim lang mga pare! Hehe! =) We're still busy choosing from the 750+ prenuptial photos we have, andami noh?? Our prenuptial pictorial was a free service (for photo/video packages P28000 and up) from Kent Photography. We had two costume changes, 7 mini-locations, and lots of doves! It was so much fun! Labsie and I realized how gruelling modeling can be, hahaha! ^_^ Anyway, can you guess where we had our prenuptial pictorial?

08 September 2008

wedding update!!!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive and not drowning in wedding plans and stuff, hehe! Good news -- I have a wedding gown already courtesy of Biste' -- looks really classy and princessy without so much frills! ^_^ The best thing? I own it and it fitted my budget! Hehe! Already had my trial makeup also (Larry of Hairzone in Victoria Plaza), will post pics once my sked allows -- naks! I'm always out of the house kasi -- going to suppliers, buying stuff, and such. Scroll invitations to the sponsors were given already (most of them anyway), groom's suit and wedding rings bought, honeymoon plans (Makati - Coron, Palawan) are in the final phase (plane tickets are all bought).. Still need to buy underwater camera and snorkeling sets -- any suggestions guys?

Ano pa ba? Hmmm.. Reception venue will definitely be at the Grand Regal Hotel in Lanang. Will have food tasting soon. My bouquet & entourage flowers and reception decor will be by Spring Flowers -- church flowers by St. Francis Parish (part of their church fee already) coz it didn't fit the 21K flowershop budget [4K gazebo, 17K flowers] anymore. And to think my initial budget for the florist is only 15K -- and now it's >33% more! I'm going crazy here, LOL!! Wedding coverage by Kent Photography -- had our prenuptial pictorial already. There were lots of doves, flowers and kissing! Hahaha! Will post the prenuptial pics soon, promise! ^_^

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