25 September 2008

trial wedding makeup photos =)

These pics are all unedited by the way.. So pasensya na sa mga wrinkles, age spots and other stuff on my face. Hehe! I arranged the photos in the order they were taken. Also, I took shots in different areas (dim, bright) with and without flash to see how my makeup would look like in different circumstances. Just click the photos to enlarge and feel free to comment! Violent reactions also accepted, hehe =) Makeup by Larry of Hairzone (Victoria Plaza). My mother chose him coz he did a good job (light, natural makeup that enhanced the good angles of your face) on her friend's daughter's wedding. Umm, did I lose you there?? Hehe!

1. Makeup done, hair not yet
2. Makeup done, taray mode ;-)
3. Makeup and hair done (updo)
Hairdo is not the final one yet coz I'll be wearing a tiara plus I'll have hairdo change (hair down?) after reception dinner.
4. Inside shot (mall), dim light, no flash

5. Outside shot, sun setting, no flash
6. Indoor shot (car), dim light, with flash
7. After eating (lipstick didn't smear, yey!), bright light, no flash
8. Five hours after, dim light, with flash
Makeup lighter, lisptick almost gone, still looks good though ^_^

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