20 February 2009

Chris Brown vs Rihanna

What's the real score?? I have been sympathetic to Rihanna's plight ever since the domestic abuse mess came to light. But her continued silence is really putting me of. I mean, what would all the girls looking up to her think? That it's okay to be abused and just keep quiet about it?? Argghhh!! Of course, until now, we're not 100% sure whether Rihanna was really the girl Chris Brown hit or that he really abused a woman physically. Still, I really hate their silence =( If it's not them, they could just give statement. If it's really Rihanna, condemn domestic abuse and say that she could not share more because of legalities.

It's more than a week after the incident and in Hollywood, a week of silence is eternity! At least Chris Brown has finally spoken out and apologized (Rihanna's "reaction" to it above). Though his apology is generalized and he did not really admit that he committed domestic abuse (who would? LOL). I hope Rihanna will speak out soon. What she's doing is really harmful to what the rights movement for women and children have achieved in the recent years. Also, I'm hating all the other Hollywood stars right now. All I've been hearing from them is that they're friends with both Chris and Rihanna, that he's a good boy, that they're "feeling" for Rihanna -- but there's 0% about domestic abuse! =(

Maybe all this is just much ado about nothing. I'm really hoping for that than think people are covering up a domestic abuse incident coz the involved are celebrities. THAT'S SO 1800s!! Ggrrr!

UPDATE: Here's Rihanna's battered face courtesy of TMZ.com -- sad huh? =(
Rihanna's "statement" about the incident with Chris Brown.
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