05 June 2011

lil red riding hood in Buda!

Yep, that's Iya in the red jacket :-) We're currently in Seagull Mountain Resort in Buda with my family. I've passed by this place since the early 2000s but it's only now I explored the resort. Highlights: new restaurant that serves affordable and tender steaks, freshwater pools (waterfalls run off), pretty chapel with a view, the cold climate!! :-) Right now my parents and bro are in the pool area while Labsie and me (with Iya of course!) are resting in one of the resort's wooden swings. We're enjoying the cold cold wind slapping our noses red. Hehe! Anyway, we were walking towards the pavilion at the edge of the resort and got tired- the result of thin mountain air + our aging bodies- thus we rested for a bit here in the swing (and I live mobile blogged) ^__^
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