07 June 2012

bye Pearl Farm Beach Resort!

-mobile blog post-

The photo above was taken yesterday morning at the beach front near the resort's famous Parola Bar. While my hubby and our toddler were making sand castles in front of my lounging chair, I was breastfeeding baby Ema til she fell asleep. And then I took a lot of pics of us relaxing by the ocean.Ü

The last time I spent the night in Pearl Farm Beach Resort was in 2004. I was with my family then (and now) but I didn't have kids yet so I was able to fully experience the resort's world-class service and amenities (unlike now). I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't bring kids to expensive resorts or else you won't get your money's worth! LOL!

Anyway, today's our last day here in Pearl Farm. Kinda sad coz it's been a relaxing mini-vacay for me. Even with 2 kids in tow, I managed to turn off my 'Mommy mode' and turn on 'Tourist mode' :) I've taken loads of photos, explored the resort at day and night times, appreciated the awesome views from our Samal Suite room, and had candlelight dinner by the beach. What more can I ask for? ^__^

03 June 2012

ate Euna's here! ^__^

After 5 months, the cousins are together again. And no one's happier than Iya who super adores her older cousin :) We're all looking forward to a laughter-filled week from watching these 2 toddlers play.Ü
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