24 December 2014

Happy Holidays!!

How are you guys coping up with Christmas 2014? It seems that this holiday season has been steadily becoming a stressful event as the years go by. Too much traffic, too much commercialism, too much everything. Do you feel that way too?! Thankfully Labsie and I have kids so there's still that bit Christmas magic in the air :) This year, we started the Advent calendar with simple Bible readings to explain the real meaning of Christmas to them. Hopefully, when they are all grown up, they wouldn't buy into all that holiday commercialism crap. And before I even go more Scrooge-y, here's our lovely holiday greetings! Haha! Pic taken from our wedding anniversary this year. I love it so much!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! :)
Where's our kids you ask? They're on another holiday card, the one with our entire family of four in a reasonably nice pose. Haha! You know how it is when you take family pictures, one kid (or two) is bound to ruin the entire photo ;-) I will update this post when our family Christmas card is up on our new blog. Yes, I still have not introduced our new blog here but I already did in our Davao wedding blog so go over there and find out about it! :)

UPDATE: Here's our family Christmas card. Check out the kids, haha!

05 December 2014

hello, world! (a long overdue update)

Long time no see old dear blog. My last post was January 2013; how did that happen?! And it wasn't a happy post at that! Well, I won't let 2014 pass without an update. And THIS will be a happy update! :) To get you up to speed with my life, you can follow me over at Google+ and Instagram. I may have stopped blogging, but I never stopped writing or preserving memories via photos.

When I started this blog in 2007, it was a purely mobile blog. That is, I posted a daily photo with a brief caption through my super trusty Sony Ericsson k800 phone. It took great photos at 5mp and is able to connect to the internet that's why I'm able to blog. What I did back in 2007 is what I'm doing now in Instagram~ posting a daily photo to preserve our memories.

With that, this blog has become redundant. Also, I'm not just "Melissa Solito" anymore. Time for a new blog persona I guess. So, I'm closing this blog full of memories with a heavy heart. I won't take it offline though as I have good stuff posted here (mostly travel) that will be helpful to Google searchers :) I will probably do one or two updates before closing this completely.

So where's the "happy" part of this update? Here it is: I'm actually blogging again!! No, I don't mean this post, haha! I have made a new blog, a more appropriate one for the stage of my life that I'm in right now. Yes, motherhood. And being a wife. And finding myself amidst all of the responsibilities that those two "labels" entail. Where's the new blog? I'll update you when it's ready! ;-)
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