25 April 2008

Bye Tagaytay!

After 3 days and 2 nights in Tagaytay, we're finally going back to Makati. My family stayed in Canyon Woods Residential Resort, nestled in the mountains surrounding the Taal Lake.Ü We toured the nearby tourist haunts like the Caleruega Church (great site for wedding!), restos with great view of the lake, pasalubong centers, etc. The air is crisp, clean and cold. But BUDA atmosphere is certainly much purer and colder! Yeah, I love my own and that's Davao! :-)

22 April 2008

breakup survey!

FYI, I never had a breakup but it would be stupid not to answer dNeero's survey and not earn right?? LOL! Enjoy! By the way, I'm blogging from my dad's office in Pandacan, Manila. I'll be in the nation's capital for 1 week to scour the cheapest wedding supplies in Divisoria and Tutuban. If you have some wedding tips and such, give me a holler! Oh, and our wedding blog is at www.solito-elbanbuena.info =) Go visit!

18 April 2008

Soberano-Marasigan Nuptials

Charo and Mems are finally married! :-) Charo is one of my Pisay barkada, and the first one to get married. Half of the kada (Chin, Pidja, Reynald and me) witnessed their exchange of vows while the rest were in spirit, hehe!Ü Charo and Mems got married in GSIS Ascension of Our Lord Parish and their autumn-themed reception followed at Tulip Grand Plaza. Beautiful! :-)

14 April 2008

survey survey!

What's dNeero? In the simplest terms, you answer a survey -> post it in your blog -> you earn! Easy huh?? =) And once your earnings reach $20, you get paid via Paypal. This is one of my easiest source of online income. I don't need to write blog posts or whatever. I just answer dNeero surveys and post it. If you're interested, go sign up by clicking my answered survey below. Happy earning! ^_^

11 April 2008

09 April 2008

pup's day out!

Our cutest black poodle ever, Cookie, will be having her first vet checkup today. Ever since she was born, Cookie was beset with skin & mucosal problems. Her healed wounds have thick, layered scars. She has 'runny' nose with greenish mucus during cold days. You name it, she has it! But despite that, Cookie has remained a very sweet, playful and happy pup! :-) She is about 9 months old now and we think it's time for her first (traumatic) visit to the vet. Hehe!Ü

05 April 2008

wedding fair in GMall

Calling all engaged couples and those who love to plan their future weddings -- there's a 3-day wedding fair in Gaisano Mall entitled Candor & Bliss right now! :-) Labsie and I went there yesterday, and we got lots of flyers from wedding suppliers. It was fun comparing their packages. Hehe! We also finally booked our wedding cake baker, Ma'am Joy of Cake Temptations. Ever since I saw her work last 2006, I knew she was the one for us :-) The wedding fair will end tomorrow so go visit asap!Ü
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