28 July 2009

Coffee Cat bonding ^_^

That’s us, the early birds above! And that’s me in the middle, wearing pink of course. Hehe! Despite getting stranded in various places in the city due to strong rains and winds, we three managed to get to the meeting place (Coffee Cat in Torres St.) first =) Of course, we were all wet! Didn’t matter though, we jumped right in to chatting and updating each other with our lives. Here are more photos when the other doctors arrived last Friday night:

Thank you to Ate Grace for organizing this meetup! And to Aura for the pretty mini-birthday cake you gave me. It was delicious! =) See you soon guys!

17 July 2009

our wedding and honeymoon posts

I’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about Davao weddings and honeymoon in the Philippines so I’d thought a post that links to all my posts about these. What I wrote are by no means comprehensive but I hope it will be able to help you =)

WEDDING UPDATES (in order of published date)
Our Engagement Announcement
Davao Wedding Fair (Candor and Bliss)
Our Save-The-Date Cards
Our Wedding Invitation Prototype
Davao Pre-Cana Seminar (just a quick post)
JUNE Wedding Update
NO JULY and AUGUST Wedding Updates — very busy with my Physician Licensure exam
SEPTEMBER Wedding Update (1 month to go!)
Sneak Peak of our Prenuptial Pictorial
My Trial Wedding Makeup Photos
Food-Tasting Photos in Grand Regal Hotel (1 week to go!)

2 weeks married!
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Bride
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Groom
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The KADA

HONEYMOON POSTS (out of 10 days)
Day 1 and 2: honeymoon chronicles: makati/laguna
Day 3 (part 1): honeymoon chronicles: makati food pornography
Day 3 (part 2): honeymoon chronicles: sea creatures and robots
Day 4: honeymoon chronicles: chapel and kitchen

10 July 2009

what do you use the Internet for?

When I was in late high school, Internet was one of the places I searched for newly released information on science and tech stuff. When I was in college, Internet became more than just an information tool -- I used it to chat with people (from all over the world) and to express my emotions in a blog. When I was in medical school, social networking sites popped up. My country was addicted to Friendster (no Facebook then, hehe) and the Internet became the new hangout. It was used to hookup with new dates, to find long-lost friends, and to socialize with current acquaintances. But through it all, Internet never lost it's reason for being -- to supply information to those who need it that instant.

One of my current obsessions is to find websites and/or search engines that provide reliable answers to frequently asked questions. Yahoo Answers was one of the better sites until the spammers got to it. The recently released Bing by Microsoft is very good but it doesn't search Blogger or Blogspot sites (owned by Google), and we all know how important blogs are these days. For car questions, I use Autos.QandAs.com -- if you need to know DMV Locations and Hours and other automobile-related stuff, this is the place to go. Of course, right now, Wikipedia is the "new library". Even doctors use it for medical information! How about you? Aside from searching information, what do you use the Internet for?

Four Foods On Friday #82

Fun, Crafts and Recipes
Join in the fun HERE! =)

1. Lynne’s question: Do you cook items besides meat on the bbq grill, and, do you prefer gas or charcoal grills?
- Aside from meat, we also cook fresh whole fish wrapped in fragrant banana leaves on the grill. Sooo effin good! =) I prefer charcoal grills coz its gives a distinct yummy smell to grilled foods.

2. Name a food that begins with A.
- Arugula! LOL! "Top Chef" contestants always use this but I haven't tried cooking this yet.

3. Name a drink that begins with A.
- Appletini! I think I learned about this in "The Real Housewives of New York", hehe!

4. Share a recipe for something that calls for American Cheese.
- Hmm.. Lasagna! After layering all the ingredients (pasta, red sauce, white sauce), top it all off with grated cheese =)

one classic VW Beetle coming up!

When I was young, our family had a red classic Volkswagen Beetle. To my pleasant surprise, my hubby's family also had the same car! But, unlike them, we sold our cute lil car while they kept theirs -- rusty car parts and all. Recently I found out that my MIL (mother in law) had their Beetle repaired from top to bottom. And soon, we will see it in its fully restored glory. Can't wait! ^_^ And if you're in Canada looking for a reputable car shop to repair your car, check out auto body shop ontario. This is the largest network of collision repair experts in this part of the world and they will definitely get your vehicle back to pre-accident (or newly-bought) condition. Go check them out!

07 July 2009

got our dream home!

Yeah, a treehouse! LOL! And in a virtual game no less! Hahaha! ^_^ Previously I wrote about being addicted to Restaurant City and now, I’m so into YoVille. It’s like The Sims but much simpler and can only be played online. Labsie (my hubby) and I have been saving to buy the Treehouse with enough leftover money to buy furnishings. And finally, after nearly 2 weeks of religiously “working” in Yoville’s Widget Factory, we finally got enough money to buy the Treehouse! =) I’m currently decorating it and so far I’m done with the living room and the 2 bedrooms. I still have to furnish the kitchen, workshop, reading room and bathroom. Which means we need more money! Hehe!

livin' the high life, sort of ;-)

In a month, there's a big chance hubby and I will be in Makati. This city is known as our country’s financial capital, and is filled with towering skyscrapers of global companies. My parents' condo is located in central business district and everyday I get to see executives in suits and expensive cars. Every corner I see banks, restaurants, and more business offices. Makati is reeking money and its upper crust citizens definitely have spending power, and that reflects on the items for sale in stores and shopping malls. Can you imagine yourself buying a $24,000 watch? Or maybe an $8,000 bag?? The former is a limited edition Ulysse Nardin watch and the latter is a Louis Vuitton handbag.

I can’t comprehend why people buy these expensive items just for collection purposes. But then, maybe it’s just me. After all, bragging rights are hot among the elite. Hehe! But for people like us, there's www.bestoftime.com for 100% Genuine Certified & Authentic high-end watches like Rolex at the lowest price point. I know it sounds too good to be true but the company is an officially accredited business by Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an exceptional A+ rating, the highest possible rating a business can get. Plus they offer a 3-year warranty on their Rolex watches and free FedEx shipping. Interested? Then check out their site!
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