07 July 2009

got our dream home!

Yeah, a treehouse! LOL! And in a virtual game no less! Hahaha! ^_^ Previously I wrote about being addicted to Restaurant City and now, I’m so into YoVille. It’s like The Sims but much simpler and can only be played online. Labsie (my hubby) and I have been saving to buy the Treehouse with enough leftover money to buy furnishings. And finally, after nearly 2 weeks of religiously “working” in Yoville’s Widget Factory, we finally got enough money to buy the Treehouse! =) I’m currently decorating it and so far I’m done with the living room and the 2 bedrooms. I still have to furnish the kitchen, workshop, reading room and bathroom. Which means we need more money! Hehe!

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