07 July 2009

livin' the high life, sort of ;-)

In a month, there's a big chance hubby and I will be in Makati. This city is known as our country’s financial capital, and is filled with towering skyscrapers of global companies. My parents' condo is located in central business district and everyday I get to see executives in suits and expensive cars. Every corner I see banks, restaurants, and more business offices. Makati is reeking money and its upper crust citizens definitely have spending power, and that reflects on the items for sale in stores and shopping malls. Can you imagine yourself buying a $24,000 watch? Or maybe an $8,000 bag?? The former is a limited edition Ulysse Nardin watch and the latter is a Louis Vuitton handbag.

I can’t comprehend why people buy these expensive items just for collection purposes. But then, maybe it’s just me. After all, bragging rights are hot among the elite. Hehe! But for people like us, there's www.bestoftime.com for 100% Genuine Certified & Authentic high-end watches like Rolex at the lowest price point. I know it sounds too good to be true but the company is an officially accredited business by Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an exceptional A+ rating, the highest possible rating a business can get. Plus they offer a 3-year warranty on their Rolex watches and free FedEx shipping. Interested? Then check out their site!
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