25 December 2007

STICKY Christmas Countdown!

17 December 2007

merry christmas!


Finally got around to making a Christmas desktop for our PC! This desktop QP is from PinkuPixie.com -- the woman who runs this blog is so talented! And the freebies she offer are printables, i.e. she has lots of Christmas tags, ready-made Christmas cards, etc. All you have to do is personalize her freebies, print it out and voila! Instant pretty Christmas stuff for you =)


15 December 2007

Malagos Garden Resort Macaws!

I've been to many animal shows (dolphin, sealion, horse, dog, etc) but I've never seen a bird show before. And I was in luck coz Malagos Garden Resort (where we are right now, see previous post) has one. And an interactive show at that! The show is hosted by Dr. Bo, a vet and boy, was I impressed :-) The show featured doves, parrots, macaws, ducks, brahminy kites, hawks and several other raptors. There was a basketball game, a waste segregation lesson, a courtship, name it- the Malagos Bird Show had it. Hehe! If you're interested, there's a show every Sunday at 10am. Go watch!Ü

Shell Family Day!

And the star of the event is the chocolate fountain! Hehe! Adults and kids alike trooped to this yummy confection once it started running :-) This year, the Shell Family Day and Christmas Party for Mindanao is being held in Malagos Garden Resort. I'm here right now with my parents and Labsie waiting for the program proper to start. Bring on the games!Ü

14 December 2007

lotsa fruitcakes!

Yum yum! :-) While most people dislike eating fruitcake, I adore it! Why? Coz my mother makes the most scrumptious fruitcakes ever!Ü Her secret? She doesn't scrimp on the ingredients -- she uses imported glazed fruits, molasses and liquor for that hard to beat delish fruitcake taste! And per tradition, my mother bakes lots of this for giveaways to relatives and friends. Want one?Ü

12 December 2007

can't post via my phone!


For the past few days, I can't blog from my SE K800i phone. I don't know what's wrong -- or from what end the blog posting error is coming from. Is it from my phone? Or from Blogger/BlogSpot's end? It's so darn infuriating since I have lots to share. Yes, the past few days of my life have been quite interesting, well at least to me. Hehe! Last Sunday (December 9), we went to Kidapawan for my grandfather's death anniversary and as usual, there was a handaan (food feast) full of Pinoy dishes. Yum yum! =)

Then the next day (December 10), Labsie brought me the first book (Scorpion) of L5R's Clan War series. I'm addicted to Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) and this is the first time I've read it again since college. Man, I totally missed Rokugan! =I And then just today (December 12), we went to Q Resto in Damosa where they served EAT ALL YOU CAN greaseless fried chicken, rice and iced tea for only P150! Too bad Labsie was too full to get a second serving of the yummy chicken! He was served half of a very plump chicken for starters and apparently, that was quite enough for him. Hehe!

I can't wait to photo blog again! Once everything is okay, look for the individual posts of the stuff I mentioned above below this post. I saved the posts and its corresponding photos on my phone already. I only have to publish it here. Anyway, here are more Christmas surveys from dNeero:

10 December 2007

Legend of the Five Rings

Or more popularly known as L5R. I adore the Clan War series of this fantasy line and I'm so happy Labsie managed to find the first book in the series :-) The last time I read L5R was in college and I didn't know I missed Rokugan (and all its amazing characters) so much til I traveled its vast lands once again..Ü If you're selling (or willing to let me borrow) L5R books, pls contact me. I can't find one in Ebay!

09 December 2007

old-style cookin'

I'm in Kidapawan right now with my family for my paternal grandfather's death anniversary. As the case with all Filipino gatherings, a feast is in the works. The picture above is of my aunt (only her hand showing, hehe) cooking DINUGUAN over open fire. Though there's a stove, my aunt prefers to cook native viands the old-fashioned way. She says that's the secret why Solito cooking is finger lickin' good. Amen to that!Ü

08 December 2007

Even our pup..

..is gloomy today. What with grey skies and rain all day, tsk! The wet Christmas season has indeed set in Davao already.Ü The pup above is Cookie, our latest pet dog. She's a 4-month old all-black poodle with super curly fur and frisky behavior. So pretty and we all love her to bits! And so, as expected, she's a bit spoiled, hehe :-)

07 December 2007



Anyway, you can check other Christmas surveys I answered HERE, HERE and HERE =) Go check them out! DNEERO surveys are so far my easiest moneymaker. I just answer the survey, post it in my blog and VOILA! I earn $$$ =) Go join guys! How? Just click anywhere in the lower part of the survey widget below and it will take you to the DNEERO's page. Happy earning!

06 December 2007

Monster! RUN!!

Hehe! That's just me guys, with a facial mask ;-) I'm having a facial scrub (my second in my 26 years of existence) with my mother here in SM via Oroderm. So far, so good. O ha, free positive plug! I should get a freebie or something like it Dr. Oropeza, hehe!Ü Anyway, I've been here 1 hour already (the mask is the last step I think) and obviously I'm bored, hence this post. And yes, this post is 'live' -- I'm blogging thru my SE k800i phone :-)

05 December 2007

Davao-made indie films!

It's that time of the year again local indie moviephiles! Kuya Dax's (he's 2 years ahead of me in Pisay) annual Guerilla Filmmaking festival is opening in Gaisano Mall cinemas this week. As of yesterday, film exhibits from Davao schools and other entrants were up. The exhibits will tell you a bit about the indie film and how it was made.Ü If you haven't watched a Davao-made film yet, go catch the screenings in GMall! For only P60, you get to watch the 6 film entries. How cool is that?? :-)

03 December 2007

finished XMAS shopping! =)


Finished Christmas shopping for my family and Labsie's family last December 1. It was really fun while we hunted for imported bargains =) Labsie complained of sore feet and we didn't even walked around the mall stores a lot! Maybe guys are just made differently from women. WE are built to last, at least while shopping. Hehe!

Anyway, here's more Christmas shopping surveys I did. The others I answered are HERE and HERE. Go check them out! DNEERO surveys are so far my easiest moneymaker. I just answer the survey, post it in my blog and VOILA! I earn $$$ =) Go join guys! How? Just click anywhere in the lower part of the survey widget below and it will take you to the DNEERO's page. Happy earning!

02 December 2007


Finally I get to taste Ahfat's super yummy Chinese cuisine again! It's been a long while since our family ate here, more than 3 months I think.Ü As usual we ordered the family favorites of eight treasure soup, fried spicy spare ribs and sea cucumber with pork tendons :-) If you're a foodie who's been to Davao and never ate in Ahfat, shame on you! Hehe!
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