12 December 2007

can't post via my phone!


For the past few days, I can't blog from my SE K800i phone. I don't know what's wrong -- or from what end the blog posting error is coming from. Is it from my phone? Or from Blogger/BlogSpot's end? It's so darn infuriating since I have lots to share. Yes, the past few days of my life have been quite interesting, well at least to me. Hehe! Last Sunday (December 9), we went to Kidapawan for my grandfather's death anniversary and as usual, there was a handaan (food feast) full of Pinoy dishes. Yum yum! =)

Then the next day (December 10), Labsie brought me the first book (Scorpion) of L5R's Clan War series. I'm addicted to Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) and this is the first time I've read it again since college. Man, I totally missed Rokugan! =I And then just today (December 12), we went to Q Resto in Damosa where they served EAT ALL YOU CAN greaseless fried chicken, rice and iced tea for only P150! Too bad Labsie was too full to get a second serving of the yummy chicken! He was served half of a very plump chicken for starters and apparently, that was quite enough for him. Hehe!

I can't wait to photo blog again! Once everything is okay, look for the individual posts of the stuff I mentioned above below this post. I saved the posts and its corresponding photos on my phone already. I only have to publish it here. Anyway, here are more Christmas surveys from dNeero:

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