25 April 2010

advance your IT career!

My husband has been working for Concentrix (formerly Link2Support) for the past 3 years or so. Currently he’s a senior technical trainer and an instructor in the newly put up Concentrix Institute. Hubby is a Cisco Certified Network Associate so he's more than qualified to teach and review Cisco stuff. My advice to his would-be students is to get ready for his surprise quizzes. Don't say I didn't warn you, hehe! Anyway, the said institute is kinda like a review center for Cisco certifications and IELTS (hello grammar quizzes!). It is fully equipped with high-end computers and the review has tons of laboratory activities using test softwares to give the students a hands-on experience. I volunteered to post information about their CCNA Certification review hence this post. Do spread the news and help someone advance their IT or BPO career! =) The institute's contact information is below the figure. And the figure below? It's all about advancing your IT career via Cisco's certification tests.

Illustration of CCNA Career Paths

CONCENTRIX INSTITUTE - Center for Technical Knowledge and Development would like to announce that they are now accepting enrollees for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification Review. Kindly contact them via:
*e-mail: ci_info@concentrix.com
*phone: +6382-235-5099
*office: Damosa IT Park Bldg 2 (back entrance) along JP Laurel Ave, Lanang, Davao City and look for Miss Joy.
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