29 February 2012

Leap Day Zen

-mobile blog post-

I'm currently zoning out here in Abreeza (430pm), trying to find inner peace on the very special date of Feb29 :-) 'Me time' moments like this are very rare and I'm glad 2012's extra day is turning out supah fine for me!

Our 'leap day' started early with my 39th week OB checkup at 9am- I'm still in early labor, gahh! The waiting continues.. Up next was my last session of prenatal yoga. Will surely miss Alex of The Pod and our mommy talks!Ü

Lunch was sushi buffet for only P250 at Teriyaki Boy. I was very, very full :-P Before lunch was over, our toddler fell asleep on my chest! Was forced to stay in the resto til she woke up 1hour later o_O

Hubby had career matters and left us after lunch (he's still not back now, 3hrs+ later!). Thank god my MIL was around and she watched our toddler play in Wonderland and Abreeza's atrium playground :-) And so here I am alone, pondering about my life and mobile blogging our Leap Day 2012!Ü

P.S. Pic above is our after-yoga tea in The Pod. Perfect, calming end after an hour of stretching!

26 February 2012

Lucho's Baptism!

Another KADA celebration with all the kids present! A very rare moment :) From left: hubby, Iya & 38wks+ pregnant me :: BFF Chin & baby Ysha :: Mems, Charo & ate Lianne :: HS lovers Amats & Pidja with the newly christened baby :: BFF Jinky & Madz, the proud parents of the now-Christian baby Lucho! :) Here's to more joyous Kada celebrations!

14 February 2012

early Valentines date :)

La Boutique is a small French restaurant in Plaza del Carmen, Obrero, Davao City. It is beside The Pod where I attend my prenatal yoga class.Ü Yesterday, hubby and our toddler Iya had their first date there :) I was having my yoga class next door while they were eating delectable French food in the resto. I was a bit scared leaving them alone (never left them before except in playhouse!) but I figured it's about time father & daughter had a date :) Great timing too as it was just before Valentines Day, i.e. they escaped the VDay horde.

Anyway, hubby & Iya ate seafood pasta, strawberry sorbet and the in-house bread + pesto appetizer. The pasta was super delish!! They saved some for me which I devoured after my yoga class ^__^ We'll definitely be back and try other dishes! Hopefully it will just be me and hubby on a kid-less date. Hehe!Ü Have an awesome Valentines Day everyone! Remember, celebrate love every day, and not just on VDay!

-mobile blog post-

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