14 February 2012

early Valentines date :)

La Boutique is a small French restaurant in Plaza del Carmen, Obrero, Davao City. It is beside The Pod where I attend my prenatal yoga class.Ü Yesterday, hubby and our toddler Iya had their first date there :) I was having my yoga class next door while they were eating delectable French food in the resto. I was a bit scared leaving them alone (never left them before except in playhouse!) but I figured it's about time father & daughter had a date :) Great timing too as it was just before Valentines Day, i.e. they escaped the VDay horde.

Anyway, hubby & Iya ate seafood pasta, strawberry sorbet and the in-house bread + pesto appetizer. The pasta was super delish!! They saved some for me which I devoured after my yoga class ^__^ We'll definitely be back and try other dishes! Hopefully it will just be me and hubby on a kid-less date. Hehe!Ü Have an awesome Valentines Day everyone! Remember, celebrate love every day, and not just on VDay!

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