17 March 2010

waiting for baby Iya.. =)

In two days, we'll be in our 39 weeks of pregnancy. Add one week to that and we'll hit baby Iya's due date (March 26). Already I'm getting antsy to give birth. I'm plain tired of carrying all the extra weight (13kg in my last weigh-in!) and of course, we wanna see our newborn already =) Waiting for baby Iya to come out is one of the longest wait that Labsie and I ever experienced. We're normally very patient persons but this time, we wanna see our princess already!! Guess most first-time parents are like this, hehe!

Anyway, we're all done with the welcoming-baby-Iya preparations. Our bedroom is optimized for baby co-sleeping, Iya's baby corner is done, I had my hair trimmed + manicure + pedicure, our hospital bags are packed, needed paperwork and money are all set -- we're practically 99.9% ready to welcome baby Iya to the world! Now all I need is for labor to start and find my beloved eye glasses! I have had my maroon frame glasses for the longest time (see it in action below, circa 2007) and two days ago, I lost it. I was just at home that time so I thought that with diligent search, I should be able to find it. Unfortunately, I had no such luck =( Today's my third day without my glasses and it really sucked watching TV coz I can't see clearly without squinting *sigh*
Right now I'm still thinking if I'll buy new eye glasses (which means I have to go the mall and I don't have that energy now) or just keep looking for my old one. I'm sure I won't be needing one when I give birth (it will just slide off my nose with all sweat during labor, hehe) but I will certainly need it when I go out of the house or watch TV or view far-away objects. Decisions, decisions! I certainly don't need this predicament right now, just when I'm focusing to give birth already! :p
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