15 June 2010

baby clothes for sale! ^_^

Here’s a sample of the baby stuff I’m selling:
BRAND-NEW branded baby footsies / sleeper suits / pajama sets at affordable prices! =)

Just drop me a comment if you wanna buy. To get cheaper prices, buy from my branded footsies album (click the pic above to view the album) and combine with the baby clothes found here: http://cutieissa.multiply.com/photos/album/9

1. Buy 3 short-sleeved onesies for only P240! Save P30!
2. Buy 2 short-sleeved onesies + long-sleeved onesie for only P260! Save P40!
3. Buy 2 short-sleeved onesies + footsie for P280! Save P50!
4. Buy 1 short-sleeved onesie + 1 long-sleeved onesie + footsie for P300! Save P60! Sample sets:
- GREEN: http://cutieissa.multiply.com/photos/photo/9/22
- PINK: http://cutieissa.multiply.com/photos/photo/9/29
- WHITE: http://cutieissa.multiply.com/photos/photo/9/13

Reservations for 3 days only. HAGGLING IS ALLOWED, yes allowed! What fun is shopping when you can’t haggle right? ;-) But please be considerate when haggling, hehe! Thanks!
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