19 January 2015

#PopeInPH: Farewell Pope Francis! Arrivederci!

The lucky boy He blessed on his last motorcade in his 5-day Philippine visit.
Pope Francis arrives in Villamor Air Base for his flight back to Rome.
I am typing this post as I'm watching the Philippine Airlines plane (carrying Pope Francis back to Rome) getting ready to fly. It has such been an honor to have this very loving man visit our country for 5 days. And more than that, I am so awed by the discipline that the Filipino people have shown while waiting / watching the Pope in the places he visited. Good leaders do awesome things, great leaders inspire others. Pope Francis definitely is in the latter category! Thank you for inspiring the Filipino people Lolo Kiko. The lessons you have imparted will always be in my heart.

Pope Francis going to the PAL airplane that will carry him back to Vatican.
Goodbye Pope Francis! My words aren't enough to express the gratitude and admiration I have for you. I have dreamt of you mid-October 2014 and through you, the Lord has calmed my worrying heart about our family problems. Through you, the Lord let me feel his wonderful love. In that dream I have never felt so much peace and love. Thank you Pope Francis for being God's instrument in this cruel world. Mercy and compassion. Nurture and protect the family. To think, to feel, to do. Words I will try to live by this year, and the rest of my life. Viva il Papa!

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