15 January 2015

#PopeInPH ~ Pope Francis arrives in the Philippines!

Touchdown! The Papal plane has just landed in the Philippines, and Pope Francis is preparing to walk down from the plane in Villamor Airbase. Of course, the crowd couldn't help but cheer loudly "We love you!" :) President Aquino and 12 members of his cabinet are expected to greet him before his motorcade towards Taft Avenue. The official Papal residence is the Apostolic Nunciature in Taft. Here's the motorcade itinerary:

Source: http://www.gov.ph/2015/01/14/presentation-press-briefing-of-the-interior-secretary-on-the-papal-visit
You can view Pope Francis' entire 5-day itinerary here:

My screengrab of Pope Francis' arrival in the Philippines :) That's the President of the Philippines next to him.

If you have access to television, you can tune in to any local channel and you'll see the live coverage of Pope Francis' first visit to the Philippines. No TV? The Philippine government has a live feed in YouTube, yay! You can view it below:

And if you love social media, you use the following hashtags to express support of the Pope's much-awaited visit:


That's it pansit! Enough blogging and more Pope Francis-watching, haha!

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