30 September 2007

want a scoop?

Looks yummy doesn't it? Mmm.. And it tasted as yummy as it looked too! This is a homemade MANGO ice cream that is as good as the commercial ones. I put a lot of colorful sweet sprinkles on top of it coz i knew it would look good, hehe!Ü If u want to make your own homemade ice cream, search the internet. There are lots of easy recipes out there! Good luck! :-)

26 September 2007

Zakoya Japanese Buffet

Hi guys! Today is the 26th wedding anniversary of my parents and to celebrate it, we had buffet dinner at a Japanese resto. Super yummy!Ü This is also where we celebrated my birthday last July. For more food pics, go to TongueTemptations.us -- my food blog. Will post the full story of our Japanese culinary adventure there soon! =)

22 September 2007

shopping with bf!

Yup, that's my bf above, modeling a shirt with a funny caption. Hehe! Took a break from my onlife life to go shopping with Labsie. He's gonna buy new shirts & pants for himself while I try not to get tempted and buy stuff for myself too. Hehe!Ü Our budget? P1000! I know for most of you that's just one shirt or a pair of pants. But you'll be surprised with what we can get for 2 Ninoys. Abangan! =)

21 September 2007

it's love! =)


Sorry for the back to back non-photo blog posts. Gotta upload my scrapZ coz my 20gb pentium3 laptop is running out of space, hehe! Have to get a new one na talaga, my laptop is archaic! Imagine, it's still pentium3! *shakes head* Anyway, this scrap is with my boyfriend, Labsie (one of the gazillions we have since 2005). I just used a super gorgeous premade template from ScrapCarli and added our photos, green glitter alphabets from Oscraps, and valentine glitter stuff from LaWanna Desjardin -- and voila! We got LOVEscrap beybeh! =)

20 September 2007

kada! =)


Here are my good friends in our get-togethers early September. Jinky (in red), Chin (in white), Ger (male in red) and JB (in blue) are my friends way back from high school. We each live our separate lives but we know whatever happens, we'll always have each other. BERKS forever! Este, kada pala! Hehe! =) Click to enlarge and to appreciate our faces, lol!

The premade cutie pink template is from AntJe's Scrap Corner. Love it! And best of all, it's FREE! =) So if you're into digital scrapbooking, go to her site. Lots of good stuff there! A bit of warning: the site is in German. Hehe!

18 September 2007

market day!

Market day for me! Though I don't go to public wet markets to buy fish and other stuff. Instead, I go to MAKRO. Kinda like a wholesale warehouse store with nearly everything you need inside it. Anyway, I had fun looking at the fishes for sale. Will upload the rest of the fishy pictures (via PC) when I get home later. Hehe! Time to finish my shopping! Tata!

17 September 2007

marigolds galore!

Don't my marigolds look lovely? Sigh.. Simply breathtaking! :-) This is the third batch of flowers I harvested from my 8 marigold plants. Some have sunny yellow flowers (my fave!) while others have bright orange & gold flowers. So what did I do with my marigold harvest? I arranged them into a bouquet & then I placed the finished product in a pretty crystal glass vase. Its now displayed in our bar :-)


Hi! Added more marigold pictures for you to enjoy! =) These are in our garden and I have to transplant them in bigger pots soon. Click to enlarge. They look gorgeous! Promise!

16 September 2007

pretty in pink!

Who said we need a pc to glamourize our pics? All we need is a Sony Ericsson CyberShot phone (mine's a k800i) and voila! You'll have a photo as pretty as the one I posted above :-) Anyway I took the photo before our monthsary date yesterday. I look pretty in pink as usual! Hehe! Ayaw namo palag, agree na lang..Ü

15 September 2007

~Hagar's Place~

Its our 95th monthsary today and as per our custom, we eat out somewhere fancy. For tonight, we dine in a place that was in Davao since we were kids. I often pass by this bar before but now its more than just a bar- its almost like a family place! The kind of resto where you dine with your family on Sundays.. As im typing this on my SE k800i, there's a family reunion happening on its grounds. FUN! :-) You might have guessed from the title of the post that we're in Hagar's Place, this resto-bar is located in Lanang. Would like to tell you more about it but the food's here, so ciao for now! Mmm, the T-bone steak smells good!Ü

14 September 2007

the 1st tomato!

In an earlier post i mentioned that im into gardening right now. Aside from flowering plants, i also plant vegetables. I have carrots, tomatoes & eggplants. Neat huh?? Im planning to add herbs soon.Ü Anyway i cant wait to harvest my veggies! More healthy food for dieting me! :-)

13 September 2007


Nope, this isnt my car. Truth is i dont know how to drive & im not really keen on driving, hehe! Anyway im a PINK person- i love pink things to death! :-) So imagine my delight when i saw this pink car in a mall garage, hehe! With no second thoughts, i took a picture of it, and voìla! A pink ride in my photo blog! LOVE IT! :-)

11 September 2007

My Marigolds

Gardening has become 1 of my hobbies since my hiatus from the medical field. I grew flowering plants & vegetables from seeds. It was a hard going, with only 6 seeds germinating out of 10 that i plant.Ü Above is the 2nd batch of my marigolds that i 'harvested'. The 1st batch were mostly gold in color & very large, 3-4inches in diameter! Now i have smaller bright oranges & sunny yellows- love it more! :-)

09 September 2007

Good Morning!

Its a great sunday morning in my corner of the world-- the sky is overcast, birds are chirping gaily, i can hear the stream bubbling.. It doesnt get any better than this :-) And yup, that's me above. That's how i look when i wakeup. Am i pretty or what?? LOL!Ü Have a wonderful sunday guys! Attend mass, y'hear? B-)

07 September 2007


The 2 on my left are my closest friends in high school & college. Though we lead separate lives now, the bond we share can never be broken. The photo above was taken when during our latest meetup. Jinky (the one in red) just returned from Chicago & we were all excited to see her! Welcome back Jinx! :-) More about our meetup here.

05 September 2007


Here's my HEALTHY lunch for today-- spiced ham sandwich with lettuce. Gonna start dieting coz my life has become very sedentary these past 2 months :p Oh by the way, im posting this thru my SE k800i phone. Cool huh?! Photo blogging, here i come! Hehe!
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