10 July 2009

what do you use the Internet for?

When I was in late high school, Internet was one of the places I searched for newly released information on science and tech stuff. When I was in college, Internet became more than just an information tool -- I used it to chat with people (from all over the world) and to express my emotions in a blog. When I was in medical school, social networking sites popped up. My country was addicted to Friendster (no Facebook then, hehe) and the Internet became the new hangout. It was used to hookup with new dates, to find long-lost friends, and to socialize with current acquaintances. But through it all, Internet never lost it's reason for being -- to supply information to those who need it that instant.

One of my current obsessions is to find websites and/or search engines that provide reliable answers to frequently asked questions. Yahoo Answers was one of the better sites until the spammers got to it. The recently released Bing by Microsoft is very good but it doesn't search Blogger or Blogspot sites (owned by Google), and we all know how important blogs are these days. For car questions, I use Autos.QandAs.com -- if you need to know DMV Locations and Hours and other automobile-related stuff, this is the place to go. Of course, right now, Wikipedia is the "new library". Even doctors use it for medical information! How about you? Aside from searching information, what do you use the Internet for?
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