17 July 2009

our wedding and honeymoon posts

I’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about Davao weddings and honeymoon in the Philippines so I’d thought a post that links to all my posts about these. What I wrote are by no means comprehensive but I hope it will be able to help you =)

WEDDING UPDATES (in order of published date)
Our Engagement Announcement
Davao Wedding Fair (Candor and Bliss)
Our Save-The-Date Cards
Our Wedding Invitation Prototype
Davao Pre-Cana Seminar (just a quick post)
JUNE Wedding Update
NO JULY and AUGUST Wedding Updates — very busy with my Physician Licensure exam
SEPTEMBER Wedding Update (1 month to go!)
Sneak Peak of our Prenuptial Pictorial
My Trial Wedding Makeup Photos
Food-Tasting Photos in Grand Regal Hotel (1 week to go!)

2 weeks married!
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Bride
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Groom
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The KADA

HONEYMOON POSTS (out of 10 days)
Day 1 and 2: honeymoon chronicles: makati/laguna
Day 3 (part 1): honeymoon chronicles: makati food pornography
Day 3 (part 2): honeymoon chronicles: sea creatures and robots
Day 4: honeymoon chronicles: chapel and kitchen

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