01 February 2010

searching within file-sharing sites

I’m a certified bookworm — I read anything and everything I can lay my hands on. When the Internet came into vogue, I plunged head on to reading ebooks and other stuff in PDF form. PDF, of course, is the popular file type from Adobe. My only problem in sourcing PDF ebooks was that it was so hard to search for it in the Internet -- specifically in RapidShare, 4shared.com and other file-hosting / file-sharing sites.

This is how these type of sites work: you want to share a file but it’s too big to send over email so you upload it to them. If it’s successful, you will be given a unique download URL, and when you share this URL to users, they’ll be able to download your file. No user is allowed to search the server for content; all files have to be downloaded by clicking the unique URL. This is where search engines specific for file-sharing sites come in — it allows users to search for files within RapidShare or 4shared.com! No more waiting for somebody to send you a URL, just do a File Search within the specialized search engine and boom! You can now download the uploaded file. Easy huh??

Now I can only hope there will be a specialized search engine where all the files they index are in PDF format. Books, textbooks, documents, manuals, guides, I want it all! ;-) It would also help if this search engine will regularly update the PDF database so I can have more and more PDF ebooks to download -- and read! ♥ ♥ ♥

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