30 January 2010

Friday Frustrations: Computer Issues

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It's my first time to join this meme and the frustration topic is just perfect! =) You see, my brother changed our PC operating system from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 in just a span of 2 months! While I was still learning to navigate Vista, he installed Windows 7. Now, I have to relearn things all over again! I'm more than computer / Internet literate but Windows 7 is really frustrating me. The search feature sucks (too complicated and doesn't find things! grr!), Google Chrome crashes every 30 minutes or so, my other programs that require Windows 7 support need reinstalling which is a hassle, and last, bootup is longer than Vista! I tell you, I was not excited with bug-laden Vista but Windows 7 is rapidly eating up my patience.. Argh!! I just wish we're using Windows XP again. Life was much simpler back then! -_- And that ends my rant for today -- come back again next Friday! Hehe!
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