16 May 2011

off to Makati! =)

130pm, 05/16/11

Currently waiting for our 230pm flight to NAIA3 here in Gate Lounge 8. As usual, Iya is busy walking everywhere with her Daddy on her heels, hehe! :-) Our Makati trip is unplanned but since an opportunity presented so that Iya and Euna can play with each other this summer, we grabbed it. These 2 kids adore each other and it really warms our hearts when they're together :-)

Needless to say, our CebuPac tickets were (relatively) expensive as we got used to paying PISO fares the past several years :-P Two hours more and we'll be with my bro's family na- can't hardly wait to take pics of Iya and Euna playing together! Summer = Family Fun!Ü
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