29 April 2011

live blogging William & Kate's wedding!

Pardon the pic though, it's the best I can get from my 3yr old SE k800i + it's taken from the TV, thus the lines. Hehe!Ü Prince William and Kate are starting to say their vows here, their hands upon each other's hands :-) BTW I super love Kate's wedding gown! Simple, elegant, timeless and still oh-so sexy! I can so relate with her lace top coz my gown was like that too, only short-sleeved :-) I'll go back watching TLC now, the Abbey is amazing! Don't want to miss more amazing church shots coz I'm blogging from my phone o_O To the royal newlyweds, love each other as much as you did (or more) before the wedding! Hehe!Ü
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