26 April 2011

meet our new cook ;-)

Quite young eh? In fact, she just turned 13months old a few days ago. Yes, months! Coz the young cook in the pic above is our lil Iya! :-) Our baby girl first expressed interest in housework when she was 11months old. Iya would accompany my mom in doing laundry + washing the dishes, having some water fun while doing 'work' :-) As the days progressed, Iya took to watching us prepare and cook food. She would smell the ginisà, taste the stew, and watch the fish fry.

Finally, last night, I let Iya prepare dinner- not on the stove but on our sofa ok? Hehe! She shredded some wheat bread, put it in the pot, added meat and stirred the entire 'mess' :-) In the pic above, she is transfering meat (right) to the pot- the bulalo meat was actually our dinner last night, hehe!Ü Well done chef Iya! Next time we will bake yummy cookies :-)
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