25 May 2011

Iya's HappyBaby organic snacks are here! :)

Got free 2kg US to Philippines shipping from HopShopGo.com again, and as usual I used it to buy Iya's stuff :-) If I had this free shipping before she came into our lives, I would have bought tons of Victoria Secret products to sexify myself, heehee! But having a kid really does change your priorities. And my top most priority right now is Iya's health- as much as possible I only want her to eat organic stuff. Not an easy feat if your toddler is a picky eater, organic food choices are limited (haayy Davao!), and people surrounding Iya are giving her not-organic stuff.

When I had the free shipping last time, I bought lots of toddler clothes and shoes for Iya from Old Navy and GAP. The online prices were at least 50% cheaper than store prices. HUGE savings I tell you! :-) I also bought baby safety items, baby health products and feeding stuff from Amazon.com- saved a lot again!Ü

This time around, I bought 3 boxes of HappyBaby organic finger food products to last Iya a year :-) I got 1box of organic yogurt melts in berry flavor, 1box of organic munchies in kale/cheddar flavor, and 1box of organic apple melts. These are all snacks so Iya can't eat / be given junkfoods in between meals.Ü I also bought her a stainless steel cooking set coz she always plays with our heavy metal pots- very dangerous if it will fall on her feet :-( Iya's cooking set includes 5-in diameter frying pan and 2 pots, 1 lid, 1 soup ladle and 1 frying ladle + wooden fried egg, chicken leg, brocollis and carrot. Ready, set, cook! :-)

Anyway, I rarely see HappyBaby products here in Davao, even in Healthy Options-- they have the organic Earth's Best product line though, which I also buy. EB snacks are cheaper than HappyBaby's but has much more salt or sugar (bad! just like junkfood) so I limit Iya's intake of it too. Organic food doesn't automatically mean healthy food through and through, YOU HAVE TO READ THE NUTRITION LABEL so you'll fully know what is *really* inside the food.Ü

P.S. Super, super thanks to Ma Pattie for paying the customs tax! :-)
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