28 May 2011

all pink in Panabo! ;-)

We are currently here at my in-laws in Panabo City as Labsie had a rare weekend off. Normally his rest days are Mon/Tues but we don't go to Panabo coz most of his family are working and thus couldn't bond with Iya. Which is, of course, the reason why we go visit them.Ü Our lil girl had a full day today. She rode a tricycle (first time!) which she enjoyed very much and went malling in Gaisano. Yes, they have malls here, hehe! And the best thing? It's less than a 10min trike ride from Labsie's family home! Super convenient! :-)

Anyway, the photo above was taken this afternoon when we went out to buy ice cream. Iya was wearing her usual pink getup- fuschia yoga tank top and pink fairy pants :-) To my utter delight, Labsie bought Iya a baby pink Magnolia popsicle which perfectly matched her pink outfit! Of course I had to snap their picture and mobile blog about it, hehe ;-)

P.S. If you noticed, the pic above is vertically oriented with a frame to boot! Would you believe that it's only now I knew that my 3.5yr old phone can do this when I'm mobile blogging?? Go check my moblog posts since 2007, all the post pics are horizontal. Not a single vertical one! I'm such a n00b really :-P

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