29 January 2010

guess who retired?

My father!! Yep, after 29 years of working for a multinational company, he retired and is now a bum like me. LOL! The surprising thing is, Papa is just 49 years old! Most people thought he's too young to retire but he says he's tired of working and of the corporate scene. Well, you can't really blame him -- he went to work immediately after college graduation and has been with the same company since then. So, what's my retired father doing now? Setting up his business! Of what nature will his business be, I still do not know. He has lots of business ideas, wants to seize every business opportunity that he can, and frankly, I think Papa is way over his head. Hehe! Maybe he needs an Interim Management director or something like that to guide him.

Aside from setting up a business, Papa plans to travel a lot with my mother. For the past 10 years or so, they have vacationed in most Southeast Asian countries. Post-retirement, they plan to go to the US (tourist visas already approved, yay!) and have tasked me to create an itinerary for them. I made them a 5d/4n Taiwan itinerary recently and they love what I’ve done thus this new task. But sad to say I’m flummoxed this time! USA is such a big country and there’s so much to see that I don’t know where to start and what to include in the itinerary. Time to research online and read travel reviews!

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