22 January 2008

Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro are DEAD!

Brenfro_1 Last week I was stunned with the news that Brad Renfro died. The cause? Probably drug-related as he had drug problems for the past few years. The night before he died, Brad was drinking with friends, and was later overheard snoring. The next day, he was dead. And guess what? He was just 25, such a young age to die! I have always loved him in The Client and Apt Pupil but since he was out of the limelight for quite a while, his death was not that hard to bear. And yes, I'm usually this sentimental about dying! I was 25 early last year! Imagine if I died, I would not have felt what it is like to just BUM around o_O Anyway, more info about Brad Renfro's death HERE. The Associated Press and other news services got it all wrong -- they were preparing Britney Spears obituary (article HERE) but instead we now have two young promising actors dead. Life.. you really never know what's gonna happen!

JokerheathledgerObviously, the more shocking news (which constricted my heart!) was Heath Ledger's death TODAY! Yes, THE Heath Ledger of Brokeback Mountain fame! He was only 28, and his death was what prompted me to write this post. I was still recovering from Brad's death when this one hit me! Heath's death I couldn't believe coz he wasn't really into drugs and stuff. In fact, he has become quite mature ever since he had a baby girl (Matilda) with Michelle Williams. Unfortunately, the Aussie couple separated last September 2007. The last time I saw Heath (personalan na ah! hehe) was early this year in the trailer of The Dark Knight (a Batman movie) where he is the Joker. He was really good -- menacing, crazy, creepy, diabolical Joker -- he had it down pat! A very promising, talented actor he surely is. And now, he's dead?? *shakes head*

The cause of his death, again, might be drug-related. Heath was found in his bed, naked and face down, surrounded with prescription pills. Media outlets are reporting the pills found were sleeping pills. But his family said he was not the kind to take his own life so this must be an accidental death. Heath was sick with pneumonia so the drugs and pills he might have taken reacted adversely, causing his death. For now we don't know but an autopsy is scheduled Heathledgerhangshimself01tomorrow to rule out foul play. Heath was filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (that's his creepy character in the photo, hanging himself) when he died. I wonder who'll take his place in the movie now that he's dead. Lastly, I strongly feel something's amiss with Heath Ledger ever since he separated from Michelle Williams. He had been doing creepy, strange and depressing roles (a hard core drug addict in CANDY, psycho Joker in TDK, and now hanging himself in The Imaginarium). I wonder what's really wrong.. More info about his death HERE and HERE.
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