14 January 2008

safest US city to have sex!

I really found a certain post in a love blog funny (reposted in full below). Imagine, there are now studies being done to find out what's the safest US city to have sex! Where is the world going to?? To a healthier and more responsible way I guess.. But definitely more liberal! Not that I'm complaining, lol! Below is the blog post taken from HERE --

Want to know where to go for the safest sex in the U.S.? A new study compared contraceptive sales per capita of major U.S. cities, and the results are in. Would you believe Denver takes the cake? The index for female contraceptive use in Denver was 378, which was 278% greater than the average index of 100. For men, contraceptive use was at an index of 276, still 176% greater than the average.

Where does your city rank? Check out the full slideshow here.

And to think Coors Light had it right... For safer sex, all you have to do is tap the rockies.

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