07 March 2008

wanna live longer?

A very simple question, right? And I'm sure most of you would say YES. Longer life would mean more time to do all the things you wanna still do. It would mean less teary goodbyes to family and friends who died of "old age". Longevity is really a great idea, but I must admit, I was against it before. Why? Because I had the misconception that living longer equals your body will be ravaged by aging so you really can't enjoy your so-called "twilight years". But as one blogger (Scott) put it,
Aging is a disease, like any other. Our cells are programmed by nature to decay and to divide only a finite number of times. This doesn’t have to be a certainty – we are advanced biological machines, and this is an engineering and science problem that can and will eventually be overcome.
Yes, it IS possible to live longer and still be at the "prime" of your life! And that's why I'm supporting the call for serious research on longevity now! We aren't talking about immortality here (but that would be great huh?? LOL) or artificial life. If you wanna be enlightened on this issue before taking a stand, read the resources below. And if you wanna earn a quick $20, blog about supporting longevity and email Scott HERE. His full post about longevity is HERE.


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