01 May 2008

i'm back in davao! =)

After my family's Tagaytay trip (April 23-25), we toured Manila's newest attractions next. Last Saturday (April 26), we went to Manila Ocean Park (entrance fee is P450 for adults, credit cards accepted) which was really super super great! After seeing ocean parks in HK and Subic, I can definitely say the one in Manila is the biggest! =) I just hope the owners can sustain it. I will post videos and more photos when I have the time. I'm busy planning a wedding (and preparing for a medical board review) you know, hehe!

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Then on Sunday, we went to Malabon Zoo -- they got BIGGER fishes than in Manila Ocean Park! Of course, I got my picture taken with their famous monkey, Marimar -- teehee! ^_^ Then from Monday to Wednesday (April 28-30), my mom and I traversed the seedier (and definitely cheaper) side of Metro Manila. We scoured for wedding supplies in Divisoria (must go-to is Ylaya / Ilaya and Tabora streets) and Quiapo (lots of bead stuff in Villalobos street). My tip? Ask for an item's wholesale (6pcs) price coz often, the price is just 1/2 to 1/3 of the given price! o_O Anyway I'm now back in Davao -- and in 2 weeks' time, my medical board review will officially start! Gahh!

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