31 October 2008

happy birthday to my hubby! ^_^

my very handsome hubby
And before I get on with Labsie's birthday post, let me just say it's sooo weird (and also refreshing) to say "my hubby" or "my husband" ;-) Nine years of couplehood haven't really prepared me for this, hehe! Anyway on with the birthday post...
my very cool husband
To my bestfriend, lover, soulmate, and now darling husband -- my warmest birthday greetings! Mwahh! :-) Know that I will always love you (just don't mind my being suplada sometimes, hehe) and that I will always be there for you. I will try my best to be a submissive (!!!) wife and a continuous provider of heartwarming foods -- if you exercise! Hehe! Forever is a looong time but I know it will be a blast sharing it with you ^_^ I love you so much Labsie! May all your wishes for come true! *hugzz*
labsie enjoying enchanted kingdom

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