06 November 2008

Obama wins!!!

But being a Filipino, I take each political win with a grain of salt. That means, I REALLY HOPE President-Elect Barack Obama will make good on his campaign promises. And that he won't be like the Pinoy trapos we all hate, tsk! Here are Obama's promises that I'll be watching in 2009:

1. He will close Guantanamo.
2. He will provide jobs for the newly fired Americans (Circuit City just declared bankruptcy!! DHL will cease ground cargo in US!!).
3. He will cut the taxes of the middle class.
4. He will eliminate all capital gains taxes on startup and small businesses to encourage innovation and job creation.
5. He will appoint Oprah Winfrey a cabinet position -- KIDDING! Hehe! More of Barack Obama's "promises" HERE. Enjoy! ^_^

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