05 March 2009

join me in Facebook! =)

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I've had my Facebook for awhile but it lay dormant and inaccessible to people search as I pondered if it can help me with my online business. There's so much going on in my offline and online life that adding another social network is more work than play to me. Like most Pinoys, I have Friendster, Myspace (dead) and Multiply (which was dormant until it enabled cross-posting of Blogger blog posts). I also have multiple personal blogs plus websites of employers that I update daily. Do I really have time for Facebook?? ;-) It also didn't help that Facebook announced recently that everything you put here will be THEIR property. Thank god they backtracked after much hullabaloo from FB fanatics. 

Around one month ago, I finally joined Twitter (check me out at http://twitter.com/cutieissa) for monetary reasons. For most part I'm an early adopter of early web technologies but since the dot com bubble bust, I have been wary of joining popular websites especially if the hype is overwhelming. Twitter was in that category but lo and behold! More than a year later it's still around and gaining more members everyday. Facebook even tried to buy it! But Twitter said no. Anyhoo, I found Twitter incredibly informative (I'm following doctors & tech gurus). My initial reason for joining (earning $$$) has taken the backseat and I'm just savoring the Twitter experience =)

So what has Twitter gotta do with my finally activating my Facebook? Well, I found out that I can update my FB status with my Twitter feed! I actually don't have to login to Facebook to tell you guys what I'm up to! I can update my Twitter (via PC or mobile phone) and it will publish to my FB. Now isn't that kewl?? It's almost like when I update my Blogger blogs and it will publish automatically to my Multiply blog. Neat! =) And did you know that Facebook's new homepage that will show REAL-TIME updates is based on Twitter? When Twitter turned down FB's offer to buy it, FB management thought "If we can't buy them, we'll compete with them!" And with 175 million users, Facebook might just bring Twitter down -- OR NOT!

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