17 April 2009

is my new theme neat?!

Yeah, I’m finally done messing with my blog’s template! If you’ve been visiting this blog the past two weeks, you would noticed its changing themes. I really couldn’t decide what theme to use. I started with a Pink WP Polaroid theme that had been “Bloggerized” (you can view how it looks HERE) and then I started modifying Minima Lefty using tutorials from BlogKori.com and BloggerBuster.com (that’s the thumbnail at left). I used the latter for about a week and I decided it was too amateurish, LOL!

So I searched for a new Blogger template and stumbled on Newspaper III which fitted my requirements of clean lines, easy customization of fonts and colors, and a “Read More” function. I sorely need the last one coz I write looong posts (see previous 2 posts to see what I mean, LOL) and it eats up the blog space. Anyway, I'm still tweaking the colors of my blog. This year, my lucky colors according to Feng Shui are blue, gray and black -- and that's why you're seeing a lot of blue instead of my usual fave pink now, hehe! 

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