19 April 2009

what's the perfect Mothers Day gift?

The celebration is less than a month away and I still don't know what to get my mom. I've given her perfumes, health books, travel bags, money (LOL), personalized photos and picture frames, various trinkets, and what-nots in the past AND now I'm frankly out of ideas. My mother isn't into technology so no fancy gadgets for her. She's into house and home stuff but we differ on design sensibilities so what I like or think she might like, she may not like. Tsk! What we both like though are rustic furniture to put in our vacation home. Unfortunately, I can't afford them. LOL!
Now isn't the log bed lovely? Even if I can't afford them, I can point my mom to the right direction where to buy it. Is that enough to be considered a gift? LOL! Anyway, I found this magnificent rustic bed in ScenicFurniture.com -- a company that makes bedroom furniture (log beds and sets) and western furniture. They use woods ranging from oak to cedar to hickory. The set featured above is the "Eastern Red Cedar Bedroom" -- lovely! I'm sure my mom would love it too. ^_^
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