07 November 2009

crustless quiche!!

I love pies and I love cheese.. More so when I got pregnant! Just ask hubby and my parents.. They'd tell you how loud I squeal when I see pies and cheesy pastries in stores =) Anyhoo, I wanted for a long time to bake my own pie, quiche or buttery pastry -- but what really turned me off is making the crust. I love cooking (and I'm quite good at it!) but baking is simply beyond me. Especially if it involves making doughs o_O Today I stumbled on Food Connect and found a recipe for a CRUSTLESS quiche!! That's it below, no crust baby! And the best thing? It's made up of 4 cheeses! Yummy eh??

At first glance I thought FoodConnect.com was a cooking website full of recipes and stuff. It turned out it's more than that! They do have recipes and food articles but the best thing is their website's ability to search for restaurants in Canada and the US. Users can review these restaurants, other users then can read the reviews and decide for themselves if the restaurant is worth dining in. Each restaurant listing contains the restaurant's address, how to get there (directions), contact details, specialty or cuisine, plus pictures, ratings and reviews from Food Connect users. You can also print and email the restaurant listing page if you like.
The website also has a page for Foodies (the website's users) where one can search for fellow food lovers in their own city. Each Foodie profile lists the suer's city and you can add the user as a friend. Yep, http://www.foodconnect.com/ is like a social network for foodies =) Anyway, the website also has a page for Events where users can enter food events in their cities. In your entered event, you can invite your friends, assign them to tasks and share recipes before the event and upload photos after. Real good stuff eh?? So if you're a foodie like me, check Food Connect! You'll love it!
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